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Mrs. T. W. Mingay is visiting in Flint. Miss Abbie Pond is visiting in Flint. Miss Olive Wines is visiting in Howell. Miss Matilda Brown is visiting in Chicago. Ross Granger left for Petoskey, Monday. John Tice has been in Chicago this week. Edward Seyler spent the Fourth in Detroit. H. R. Jenkins is visiting his son in Jackson. Mrs. Mary Stauch visited in Detroit this week. Charles E. Hiscock went to Chicago, Monday. Ed. I. Taylor left Monday to visit the exposition. Mr. and Mrs. Lew. H. Clement are in Chicago. Prof. Ross Colé has returned from Ripon. Wisconsin. Miss Emraa Hiller spent the Fourth in Detroit. Conrad George left for Chicago Saturday evening. Mrs. John Boylan is visiting relatives in Galva, UI. Mrs. Adam Meuth visited in Saginaw over the Fourth. Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Beakes are viewing the World's Fair. Mrs. George S. Morris and family are at Old Mission beach. S. W. Clarkson and family spent the Fourth in Manchester. Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Hangsterfer start Monday, for Chicago. Mrs. M. P. Furnum is visiting friends in Detroit this week. Miss Flora Vandawarker visited friends in Detroit this week. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Pond leave for Chicago tomorrow. Mrs. William Condón and family are visiting the World's Fair. N. D. Corbin, of the Register, has been in Chicago this week. Prof. C. E. Greene and family go to Chicago within a day or two. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Eldert have returned from a visit in Saginaw. Rev. L. D. Temple, of Lansing, is visiting his sister, Mrs. Liebig. Mrs. D. F. Ingles, of Gibbon, Neb., is visiting Mrs. Chas. Rose. Mrs. C. Stone has moved back to her home on Fifth Avenue, South. Lieut. Hollis, of the U. S. Navy, has been visiting Prof. M. E. Cooley. Miss Carrie Heiier, of Jackson, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. O. Jenkins. Mr?j jc'I. J. Brown and family gye Spending tbe summer at Old Mission. Paul Schlanderer, of Grand Rapids, was visiting friends here this I week. Charles F. Dietas spent several days in Cleveland the first of the week. Miss Nellie Mingay is visiting her grand-parents in West Toronto, Ontario. Prof. and Mrs. A. C. McLaughlin and son left for Europe Sunday evening. Mrs. Goodrich and daughters left yesterday for Chicago, to be absent a month. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Beal have gon on the editorial excursión to Chicago. Mrs. Thomas Wilson and daughter have been visiting Mrs. James H. Wade. Miss Katherine Cramer has returned from her school duties in Menominee. Mrs. H. S. Dean, Miss Lizzie Dean and Miss Carrie Owen are at Old Mission. Prof. J. C. Knowlton and daughter Annie left for Chicago last Friday evening. John Ibler and Christian Schneider left Sunday evening for the World's Fair. Mrs. C. Lane and Miss J. Polty, of Plattsville, Conn., are visiting Mrs. D. Cramer. Mrs. V. C. Vaughn and family left Tuesday for Old Mission to spend the summer. George Sanzi, William Wallace and Henry Schlanderer left Sunday evening on a two week's visit in Chicago. Mrs. J. J. Stark and daugbter, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, are visiting Mrs. John Schmid. Miss Inez Orcutt has returned from Chicago, where she has been pursuing art studies. Mrs. H. S. Huil, of Salt Lake City, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. O. L. Robinson. Mrs. M. F. Miller and children, of Kalamazoo, spent the Fourth with Mrs. Wm. AJIaby. Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Waples left for the west, Monday. They sail for China, August 28. Mrs. Wilkinson, nee Virginia Law, and husband, of New York City, are visiting at Aretus Dunn's. i Mrs. Dobbs, of Brooklyn, N. Y., who has been visiting Miss Clem! ents, has gone to Chicago. John Carroll, of Detroit, has been in the city this week, called here by the accident to his brother. Mrs. W. J. Ottaway, E. J. Ottaway and Miss Edith Ottaway left for Petoskey, Monday evening. Mrs. Sarah Farnsworth and daughter, of Crested Butte, Col., are visiting friends in the city. Miss Bertha Baur, who has been visiting her father, Prof. Emil Baur, returned to Cincinnati Monday. Albert Marshke, Miss Emily Marshke and Miss Bertha Feiner left Monday on a visit to the World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Oesterlin, Mrs. H. C. Apfel and Mrs. Rosena Haenle have been at the World's Fair this week. Miss Emma Herey, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J. K. Monahan, of Denver, has accepted a position in the Denver schools for the ensuing year. Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Roberts, of Chicago, are visiting the latter's sister, Miss Mate Clark, of North Main street. They will remain here through July and August.