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Visitors At The World's Fair

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VĂ­ctor Sturm, of Saline. A. J. Warren, of Saline. Miss Nellie Keal, of Dexter. F. J. Becker, of Bridgewater. Mrs. Joseph Alger, of Dexter. Charles Howard, of Ypsilanti. -Miss Nettie Gillett, of Sharon. Rev. Mr. Terne, of Manchester. George Walterhouse, of Ypsilanti. Dr. J. A. Watling, of Ypsilanti. Miss Carrie Norton, of Ypsilanti. The Misses Hoover, of Ypsilanti. Miss Addie Rowley, of Ypsilanti. Mr. and Mrs. B. Ahrens, of Sharon. Prof. Austin George and sons, of Ypsilanti. Mrs. T. C. Owen and family, of Ypsilanti. Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Ch;ney, of Ypsilanti. Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Davenport, of Saline. P.rof. B. Putnam, and daughter, of Ypsilanti. Nathan Schmid and family, of Manchester. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Watkins, of Manchester. Mrs. C. C. James and son L. L. James, of Dexter. Misses Jane, Elizabeth and Hattie Wortley, of Ypsilanti. Bert Comstock and Miss Emma Comstock, of Ypsilanti. Mrs. A. H. Watson, Mrs. T. J. Ritterand Mrs. W. I. Keal, of Dexter.


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