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New Books Receivid by the Ladies' Library. How to Knovv the Wild Flowers, by Mrs. Wni. Starr Dana, 587, A. Twenty Sermons, by the Rt. Rev. Phillips Brooks, 588, A. A Rambler's Lease, by Bradford Torrey, 589, A. Man and the Glacial Period, by G. Frederick Wright, 590, A. Art for Art's Sake, by John C. Van Dyke, L. H. D., 63, B. The Discovery of America, by John Fiske, 269-70, D. The Story of Spain, by E. E. and Susan Hale, 271, D. The Puritan in Holland. England and America, by Douglas Campbell, 262-3, D. The Story of Malta, by M. M. Ballon, 274, D. American Statesman, Abraham Lincoln, by S. T. Morse, jr., 4312, E. Charles Darwin, by Francés Darwin, 433, E. Marie Louise and the Decadence of the Empire, by Imbert DeSaint Amand, 434, E. Marie Louise, the Island of Elba and the Hundred Days, by Imbert DeSaint-Amand, 435, E. Marie Louise and the Invasión of 1814, by Imbert DeSaint-Amand, 436, E. The Happy Days of the Empress Marie Louise, by Imbert DeSaintAmand, 437, E. The Story of a Story and Other Stories, by Brander Mathews, 700, I. Island Nights Entertainments, by Robert L. Stevenson, 701, I. Donald Marcy, by Elizabeth S. Phelps, 702, I. The Downfall, by Emile Zola, 73. IKatharine North, by Marie L. Pool, 705, I. Aunt Anne, by Mrs. W. R. Clifford, 705, I. Mr. Tommy Dove and Other Stories, by Margaret Deland, 706, I. The Ladies' Library will be open from 3 to 5 p. m. instead ot from 2 to 4 p. m. as formely. M. Mignon Root, Librarían. In view of wJiat Hood's Sarsaparilla has done for otliers, is it not reasonable to believe ttíát it will also be of benefit to youV To the Electors of the Third Ward of the City of Ann Arbor. Notice is hereby given that a session of the board of registration of the third ward of the city of Aun Arbor. will be held in the basement of the court house, in said city, on Wednesday, July 2H, A. D. 1893, for the purpose of registering the names of new electors in said ward in said city, who may apply for that purpose, and that said board of registration will be in session on the day and at the place aforesaid, from eight o'clock in the forenoon to eight o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose aforesaid. Dated, July 5th, 1893. James Kearns, WlILIAM Gr. SNOW, Board of Registration. To the Farmers. A chance to save money on Binder Twine! It is not to yotir interest to buy twine of men peddling through the country, as tliey are not travel iiig around for nothing. For spot cash I will sell the following grades of twine in 50-pound lots: Manilla, 10 cents per pound. Best Standard, 9 cents per pound. Sisal, 8.J cents per pound. Time limitad. Come early, as the stock will not last at these prices. IIenky Richards. No. 9 Detroit St., Ann Arbor. Frederick Krause, auctioneer, will attend to all sales on short notice at reasonable charges. For further particulars cali at the Argos office. tf


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