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It'sjusílikeamaií To say that his wife can't make as good bread as his Mother did. GILLETT'S Will give you the great advantage which his mother had, and besides, bread made with this yeast will help bring back his boyhood's digestión, ensuring his enjoyment of the rest of your cooking alsoc Get Magic Ycast at your Grocer's. It is always GOOD and always READY. CARTERS CURE Rck He&d&ehe and relieve all the troublea iacU flent to a bilioua state of the system, suoh as Dizziness, Nausea, JDrowsiness, Distress afteff eting, Painin the Bidé, &o. Whila theirmosí remarkable success bas been showa in ciiring 4 SICK Heaaache, yet Carter's Idttla Llver PiHfl are equally valuable in Constipation, curing and pre venting thisannoyinccomplaintwhile tlieyalso correct all disordersofthestomach,stimulatetha Jiver and regúlate tñebowels. Jyen. iL taey only HUÍ Acbfi they wonld be almostpriceleaa to filóse wha - suffer f rom t his distressing coniplaint; but f ortuüatelytheírgoodneasdoesnotendhere.andthosa trhooncetry them will find these littlo pilla valu tibie Ín so many "ways that they will not be wil liog to do without them. But af ter allsicli heacl AOHl fis the bañe of bo itt&ny livea that here fs wbara IVemakeourgreatboast. Onrpillscureitwhila l ethers do cot. Cárter1 Little Liver Pilla are very small and very easy to take. One ortwo pilla make adose. They are Btrictly vegetable nd do not gripe or purge, bnt by tteir geutle action please all who nsethem. iñ víais at 25 cents; flvfor$l. Sold by draggista everywliere, or eeat by maiL CARTER IfiESICINE CO.t New York. SMALL PUL. SMALL POSE. SMALL PRICS llftfUlfSI THE GREAT BL00DrAND LIYER PÜWFIER Buïldsyou up to a remarkable power of endur. anee without medlcine.'at-, - „ The íollowlng is from oneof onr bestChlcagc Jnstltutions, St. Mary's Seminaryfor Glrls: "We have íound your ' Moxie' an excellent restoratire to the weak and debllitated, and for thc benefit of those who read thls, we wlsh to eiprethlBtact." Kesgec fa MOXIE CURES SICK HEADACHE. , Sold at 25c a bottle generally. ïie Ciiicago Moxie Hem Food Co., , u CHICAGO, ILLi GET A TICKET ■ OF W. F. LODHOLZ 4 and 6 Broadway and you are entitled to u choiee of the Rome Instructor or the Life of General Sherman or the Life of P. T. Barnum (FKEEi when cash purebase to the nmount of $15 has been made. THE HOME INSTRUCTOR LAItGE OCTAVO, f,S PAGES, ILLUSTBATED. A compendium of usetul knowledge necessary for the practical uses of everydayhfe. A complete and perfect guideto life in public and private. THE LIFE AND DEEDSTOF W. T. SHERMAN. CROWN OCTAVO, 5RS PAGES, IhLUSTBATED. Ayraphic narrativcof his boyhood and early life, education. career in Florida and California, -nilitary achievements. lite as a Citizen, last sickness and death ; witli hne utecl portrait. THE LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM. THE WORLD RENOWNED SHOWMAN. OBOWN OCTAVO, 520 PAGES, ILLUSTRATED. Hie early life and struggles, bold ventures and brilliant euccees: his wonderful career, hls wit, genius and eloquence, his life as a citizen. eto. - to which is added his tamous book, The Art of Maneu Gettina. CHEAP HOMES. A A A A A Acres of the best VI Bil FaimingLandsin W I I Central Michigan ■■ 9 " íor sale on easy terms and long time by THE LAND, LOAN AND TITLE COUPAN? OF MT, PLEASANT, MICHIGAN, PagaWsveaWire Fenee A Smooth Fence that Will Turn Any Kind of Stock ! The Best and Cheapest Fence for the Farm. Made in sizes froui 24 to 58 inches high, either galranized or painted. Cali and Examine It And you will buy no other. M. STAEBLER, Ann Arbor.


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