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Urs. Amanda Paisley Tot many years an esteemed communicant oí Trínity Episcopal church, Newburgh, N. Y., always sats "Thank Yon to Ilood'g Sarsaparilla. She sufferedíor years from Eczema and Scrofuln sores on ner face, head and ears, making her deaf nearly a year, and affecting her sight. To thé surprise of her friends Hood's Sarsaparaila Has effected a cure and she can now hear and see as well as ever. For full partlculars of her caso send to C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. HOOD'S PILL8 aro hand made, and are per iect la coudition, proportion and appearanca. Q&BUBSSEBBSiBBBi The quil tintf party and tho TH stage coacli are playeaMA Pi II ! I T U The telephone nnü ■ H liM-l iLHi)„is Family Quilting H in sk iiAnnA H Machine are modern neIN 3 HüURS Hcessities. MyyulltlnRManMWMHBIMiMpnWWMMJW hip attnchment for all sewing machines. OMMÏuTy (notöor (J) clin make a Quiltin :Vnours: alsoqullt children's cloaks; dressBnlnga, etc. Send ÏÖ.OO and I will send yoi a machine by flrst express. Ajients wantod everywhere. Forcirculars and full informatlOD addrees HENRT ï. DAV1S, 30 W. liandolph St.. Culcai'O Health is Wealth! Db. E.C. West'sNerve andBraïnThreatment, a guaranteed speciflc for Hysteria, Dizziness. Convulsione, Fits, Nervous Neuralgia, Headaehe, Nervous Prostration caused by the use of alcohol or tobáceo. Wakef ulness, Mental Depression, Softening of the Brain resultiog in insanity and leading to misery, decay and death. Premature Oíd Age, Barrenness, Lose of Power in either sex, Involuntary Losses and Spermatorrhrea caused by over-exertion of the brain, self-abuse or over-indulgence. Each box contains one month's treatmeni. $1.00 a box, or six boxes for $5.00, sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price. WE GCAR1NTGE SIX BOXES Tocure any case. With each order reeeived by us for six boxes. accompanledwith $5.00, we will send the purenaser our written gnarantee to refund the money if the treatment does not effect a cure. Guarantees ipsued only by Eberbach & Son, Drufe-g'ists, SoleAgents, Ann Arbor, Mich. $500 Eeward ! WE will pay the above reward for any case of LirerComplaint, Dyspepsia, Siok Headaehe. Indigestión, Constipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with West's Vegetable Liver Pilis, when the directions are strictly coioplied with. They are purely Vegetable, and never fail to give satisfaction. Sugar Coated. Large boxes, containing 30 Pilis, 25 cents. Beware of counterfeits and imitations. The genuine manufactured only by THE JOHN C. WEST COMPAN Y, CHICAGO, 1LL. For sale by all druggiSt8. MARTIN & FISCHER. PROPRIETORS OF THJE WESTERN BREWEKY, AKN ARBOK, MICHBrewers of Pure Lager Beer. LANDS FOR SALE. By the lllinuis Central B. R. Co., at low pnces and on ecusy terms, in Snuthern lllinuis. The best farm country in the world for either large or small farms, gardens, fruits, orchards, dairyíng, raising stock or sheep. A greater variety of crops, with a greater prollt, can be grown on a less amount of land in this country than can be raised in any other portion of this State. Special inducements and facilities offered by the Illinois Central Kailroad Company to go and examine these lande. For full descriptionl and map and any information, address or cal upon E. P. SKENtS, Land Cominissioner Í. V. R, R. Co., 78 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. KEPOET OF THE CONDITION OF THE mus1 k ims' mi - AT- AtiN ARBOR, ICHIGAK, At tbe close of business, May i, 1693. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts. 8290.81 T3 Stocks. Bonds and Mortgages, etc. ]1S,2JOO7 Overcirafts 5.1S7 57 Duefrom banks 11 reserve eitie 34,975 81 Oue from other baaks and bunkers, ',691 75 Furniture and fixtures 2,000 00 Ourrc-nt expenses and laxes paid _ 1,799 78 Interest paid 4,012 67 Checka aijd cash itums 5.S10 65 Nickels and pennies 278 6ö 3old coin 13,76750 Silver coin 1,542 80 U.S. ana National Bank SiottS 13 J25 00 Total $459,2. 11 L1ABILITIES. Capital etock paid in $ 50,000 00 Surplus fund 20,000 60 Undivided proüts 10.96020 Individual deposita 18,704 79 Ctirtificates of deposit 384,31632 Savinas deposita 95,2o1 OU Due to banks and bankers 7 80 Total $489,232 11 STATE OP MICHIGAN, _. County of Washtenaw, jhs' I, Frederick H. Belser, Cashier of the above oameil bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. F. H. Belser, Cashier, SubfiCribed and sworn to before me this Uth day of .May, 1893. H. A. Williams. Notary Pu Mie Correct- Attest . Chas. E. Greene, "1 Wm. O. Stevens, VDirectnrs. Ambrose Keakxf.y, ) Seton Hall College. CATHOLIC. South Orangc. New Jersey. TJnsurpassed for healthfuluess of location elegance of buildings, general equipment and excellence of instruction. FOUNDED 1856. Send for prospectus and book of photographic views. REV. WM. F. MARSHALL, President, 1


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