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[official. I Cookcil Chambee, i Ann Aebok, July 8rd, 1893.1 Regular session. Callee! to order by Pres. Watts. Roll called - Quorum present. Absent - Aids. Schairer,Wagner, Herz -3. The journal of the last session approved. Pres. Watts appointed Aid. Kitson hairman of the sidewalk committee. COMMUNICATIONS FEOM THE MAYOR. To the Honorable Common Council: Gentlemen: I have the honor to return to you without approval au ordinance passed by the commou council on the 19th instant, eutitled " Au ordinauce relativo to closing saloons, bars In restaurants and elsewhere," for the reasou that said ordinance permits the places designated to remain opeu dnring the months of July, August md September, until half past ten o clock in the afternoon. Inmyjudgment all places where intoxicating llquors are sold as a beverage should be -closed not later than ten o'clock standard time, whichuieans of course half past ten guu time. Nearly all the work of the vvorld is performed by men who are in bed at that hour. And it is safe to say that any person who is not willing to leave a saloon at half past ten aad go home ought to be, and that the chances are he would be, if he had not already remalned there too long. I regret that there hus been amisuuderstaudIng as to my views upon this question. For such misuuderstanding I am in a mauner responsible. My attention was called to this matter by the chairmau of the committee on ordinances in the city attorneys office at the time this ordiuance was being drafted, and I .stated then that I thought there was no objection to au extensión of the time of closing during July, August and September. I have uot spoken to the chairman upon this subject since. I saw the city attorney, however, soon afterwards and told him that such a ineasure was not def ensible and requested him to notif y the committee. I saw him a second time upon this same subject, and supposed that my position would not be left in doubt. June 22, 1893. B. IÍ. THOMPSON, Mayor. The chair stated the question being upon the action of the council regarding passing "An Ordinance Eelative to Closing Saloons, Bars in Restaurants and elsewhere," be sustained, the Mayor's veto notwithstanding, the question was lost, two-thirds of the aldermen elect not voting therefore, by yew and nays as follows : Yeas - Aids, Martin, Snow.O'Mara, Ferguson, Manly, Prettyman, Kitsou, Pres. Watts- 8. Nays- None. PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. To the Common Council: The Board of Public Works would recqmanend and ask for the following appropriation of $130.00 to build two cross-walks on the south side of Washington street, at the alley between Rinsey & Seabolt's and Frank Burg's stores, and at alley in the rear of the Haugsterfer block. We would ask that your honorable body give this your immediate attention, as such cross-walks are a necessity. By order of the Board of Public Works. W. J. MILLEK, Clerk. Eeceived and filed. 'To the Honorable Common Council: Your undertigued petitioner respectfully recuesta that permlsBlon begranoedto erecta frame dwelliug-house on lot S, block 3, north range 4. east, city of Anu Arbor, said lot is lolated on North Main street, between Catherine street aud Kingsley street, and your petitioner will ever pray. Dated June 28.1893. SAMUEL M. BBAUN. Aid. Manly moved that the petition be ■granted. Adopted. To the Honorable Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor: I, the undersigued, being informed that a natural spring of water exists in close proximity to the property purchased by the city, at ihe north intersection of Poutiac and Detroit ■streets - commonly described as a Flat-lron Point, and the same purchased by the city for purpose of wideuing and beatifying that seetion as described. I would, after being advised by a committee Jiominated by your honorable body, that the tlow of such spring water is perfectly pure aud abuudant, to erect a handsome and suitable driuking fountain for man and beast at the point of the aforesaid location. The same to be constructed of stone.artistically designed .and inscribed, and not to cost less than J150. The city to make the proper connections for feeding and draiuing the same. Such fountain to be coinpleted and presented by me as a gift to the city of Ann Arbor, within one year following the date of acceptance. July Sd, 1893. CLAY GREENE. Accepted and referred to water committee. Headquarters Harugari ) Maennerchor, July 3rd, 1893.) To the President and members of the Couimon Council of Ann Arbor: Gentlemen- In view of the fact that on July 4iu, 3, our society will celébrate the iumiversary of American iudependenee, and also the dedtcation of our new flag, yor are hereby invited to particípate ín said festivities. Youra cordially, Geo. B. Schwab. John Mayek, Special Committee. President. Aid. Prettyman moved that the invitation so extended be, and the same is hereby accepted. Adopted. A claim aguinst the city f rom Fred iauss, of the city of Ann Arbor, to the amount of .$12.1)5 was read and referred to the finance committee. A claim of $2.00 against the city f rom Henry Smith, of the city of Ann Arbor, was read and referred to the finance -committee. Office of the Ann Arbor Street Ky. Co., i July 3rd, 1SW3. ( To the Qommon Council: Gentlemen- At a meeting of the Ann Arbor Btreet Railway Company, it was voted to extend our street railway system, for the benefit of the public at large, and so have caused to be drafted two ordinances, and we nuk your favorable consideration of the same. liespectlulty yours, Ann Arbor Street Railway Co. The ordinances were received and referred to the ordinance committee. REPOKTH OF STANDING COMMITTEES. FINANCE. 7b the Common Council: Your Committee on Finance respectfully report that they have had the following bilis under consideratiou and would recommend their allowance at sums stated CONTINGENT FUKD. ' w. J. Miller, salary $86 66 E B. Norris, Balary 25 IK) P.O'Hearn, salary 83 34 Mrs. .1. H. Stark, salary. janibor t 2b JohnK. Miner, lioardof ttev'w, Odays, is üu EugeneOesterlin, " 18 0Ü Jameí Kearns, " " 18 00 Geo. H. Pond, " " 18 00 Thomas Speectaly, " " 18 00 E. H. Soott, " " 18 01 G. C. Khodes, rubber stamps 4 2i A 1 hur Hrown, court f ees 4 U0 ('hurles Hewitt, 1578 ft. cement, walk ut engine house 122 04 Charles Hewitt. 440 ft. cement doorwaysat f ngine house 105 60 Beakee & Curtiss, printing 25 9o Ann A rbor Gas Co., gas at clock tower 6 months 15 30 Ann Arbor Gas Co., gas at Firumen's Hall, 6 months 103 80 Ann Arbor Gas Co., gas at Council Chamber, 6 months.. 9 30 Ann Arbor Gas Co., fuel gas at the Clerk's office, (i niouths 3 30 Wiiliam G.Snow, horse hire 1 OU Geo. H. Pond, 2 mos. salary, Treas.,. . 36 üti W.J. Miller, BuppUes 1 3ü Richmond, Backus & Co. justice docket Vi 00 Frank Dugdale, labor on ö. Statest.. t) 68 Antón Spies, " " " .- 1 50 Frank Kothenbacher " " - 8 00 Willlam Kratlou, " " " -- -i 00 Albcii Steffln, '■ " " -- 2 25 Chaïles Hintz, " " " - ■ 70 Barney Langer, " " " " -- 11 25 Edward Barnett, ' " " .. 4 95 Carlos Hill. " , " " .. 13 75 Richard Zebbs, " " " .. 4 2u Fredenek Radke, '■ " " .. ti 75 Geo. Bchlimmer, " " " .. 7 95 Lawrence Hughes, " " .. 1126 l'atrick MoCafae, " " " .. 7 5ti Kobert Leonard, " " " .. 16 Geo. Sohaiblo, team labor, " .. 9 00 Richard Burns, " " " .. 23 90 Win. Allen, " " " . 26 9U P. I). Hogers, " " " .. 18 40 Mlchael Kusterer, " " " .. 20 00 Chauncey Thompson, " " __ 29 41) Schairer & MUlen, suppü'es 3 10 Ann Arbor T.-H, Electric Co., street lighting 527 35 Anu Arbor T.-H. Electric Co., office lijjhts 3 00 Total 1,467 04 WATER FUND. Ann Arbor Water Co., 6 mos. rental of hydrants $2,692 76 STREET FUND. Nelsou Sutherland, salary, $ 68 66 Geo. F. Key, salary 6'j Ou Alfred Parson, labor 3 00 Hiram Kitredge, team labor 'i w Bmanuel Beek, labor 00 Hiram Kitredge, team labor 14 00 Mat. Sehnearly, teaming 2tf 40 Hiram Kltredée. team labor 8 50 Chauncy Dugdale, labor 3 00 Lawrence Hughes, labor lo 50 Kobert Leonard, labor 1 50 James Nelson, labor 1 50 Edward Barnett, labor 16 50 George Schlimnier, labor 16 00 Albert Schoenman, 15 20 Frederick Kadke, labor 10 50 William Kretlaue, labor 9 00 Frank Kothenbacher, labor 00 Albert Stoffen, labor 9 U0 Anton Spies, labor 6 00 John Pommering, labor 9 00 Alichael Hession, labor 12 75 JohnMiller, labor 3 45 William Bird, labor ... 6 00 Karl Joerndt, labor 75 Anton Otty, labor 18 45 Michael Kenny, labor 3 00 Frank Dngdale, labor 12 (10 Miohael Schneider, labor H 00 John Keenan, labor 3 00 John Yankey, labor 3 00 George W. Weeks, labor 2 75 Gustave Hintz, labor 3 00 Charles Colgrove, labor 3 00 Chris. Jetter, labor 3165 Henry Ültmeyer, labor 2 25 Jacob Miehelfelder, labor 10 95 Frank SchUltz, labor 2100 Harry Kayuske, labor 16 05 Carlos Hill, labor 19 2(1 Kichard Zebbs, labor 20 25 Charles Hintz. labor 15 00 Patrick MeCabe, labor 23 25 Michael Williams, lahor 34 :0 Charles Stierle, labor .-. 3 00 William Miley, labor lu 95 Kembert Jones, labor 7 20 August Dupsloíf, team labor 3 5u Elias Sadler, team labor 15 CO Thomas Hiinnon, team labor 29 40 Clinton Snyder, team labor 3 50 John Kettle, team labor 86 9u Nelson Sutherhind, horse and cart 25 50 George Schaible, team labor 4 50 Kichard Burns, team labor 37 25 Martin Nagle, leani labor 26 90 Israel Clark, team labor 57 90 Michael Herey, team labor .' 32 75 George Tower, team labor 21 00 Anton Brahm, gravel 2 50 K. J. Kogers, supplies 4 30 ïsslinger Bros , repairs 36 92 lartln Nagle, team laDor 33 20 P. W. Kogers, team labor 26 25 Total 8 992 63 BRIDGE, OULVERT AND CROSSWALK FUND. Richard Zebbs, labor $ 4 50 Charles Hiutz, labor 11 25 Albert Schumann, labor 4 50 Jeorge Schlimmer, labor 150 jawrenoe Hnghes, labor larry Kayuske, labor íarney Langer, labor 8 85 Ddward Barnett, labor 10 12 ''rederick Kadke, labor 16 20 Frank Dugdale, labor 15 67 John Pomniering, labor... 5 25 Gustave Waltere, labor 19 95 Antou Spies, labor.. 3 7i Jacob Michelíelder. labor 6 75 Frank Schultz, labor 1170 John Baumgardner, stoneslab 9 50 George Scott, cement 1 00 Wood & Son, sewer pipe 20 83 J. P. Judson, repairs on crossings 28 50 James Tolbert, luniber 17 S8 Charles Hewitt, building sidewalk 25 00 Total $ 235 70 FIKE DEPARTMENT FUND. Fred Sipley, salary 60 00 C. A. Bdwards, salary 50 00 Henry McLaren, salary 50 00 LouisHoelzle, salary 50 00 Charles Carroll, salary 47 50 Max Wittlinger, salary 45 00 Frank Kapp, salary 42 50 Albert West, salary 42 50 Herman Kim, salary 8 00 Morgan Williams, salary 8 00 John Kenny , salary 8 00 Sam McLaren, salary 8 00 Wm. Rettich, 8 00 Allmendinger & Schneider, bran 4 00 4. Campbell, oats 23 00 Mrs. B. Ream, washing 5 00 R. Kearns, horseshoeing 8 50 Total ï 468 00 CEMETEBY FÜND. Nicholas Kline, labor 7 50 Eli S. Manir, labor 7 50 John McNalley, labor 7 50 Total 22 50 POOK FUND. Fred Sipley, salary Í0 00 E. C. Bradford & Bro., wood 11 25 Fred Sipley, freight on wood 16 00 Edward Duffy, groceries 2 00 John Eisele. groceries 1 06 Mrs. Ann Evans 5 00 Jotm Goetz .Ir., groceries 2 59 James E. Harkins, stove 150 William F. Lodholz, groceries 8 87 William H. Mclntyre. groceries 6 83 Caspar Rinsey, groceries IS Kinsey & Seabolt, groceries 4 07 (;. Fred Stein, meat 4C Win. Stimson, groceries 6 00 T., A. A. & N. M. R. R.. one ticket to Dayton, O., paid by Fred Sipley 5 65 Total Í 90 40 PÓLICE FtTND. James H. Murray, salary 85 (H David Collins, salary 50 00 Noble C. Tice, salary 50 0i C. Frank O'Hearu, special pólice 12 00 Total 8 177 00 REOAPITULATION. Contingent Fund tl,4l7 04 Street Fund 992 63 Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk Fund. 235 70 Fire Fund 468 00 Pólice Fund 177 W Poor Fund 90 40 Water Fuud 2,692 76 Cemetery Fund 22 50 Total $6 146 03 ilespectfully submitted, Walter L. Taylor, William Herz, Flnauoe Commlttee, Aid. Manly moved that the report be accepted excepting $5.00 of Mrs. Ann Evans for aid, and $12.00 of Richmond & Backus Co., for justice docket. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Aids. Martin, Snow, O'Mara, Fergusou, Taylor, Manly, Prettyinan, Kltsou, Pres. Watts.- 9. Nays- Noue. Aid. Prettyman moved that the amount of $5.00 be allowed Mrs. Ann Evans. Lost by a vea and nay vote, a majority of the aldermen elect not voting therefor. Yeas - Aids. Snow, O'Mara, Fergusou. Prettyman, Kitson, Pres. Watts.- 6. I Nays- Aids. Martin, Taylor, Manly.- 3. Aid. Martiu moved to recommit bill for justice docket to finanee committee. 1 Adopted. RBPORT OF STREET COMHITTEE. To the Honorable Common Council: ) Your commlttee on streets to whom was I ' referred the petltion of J. F. Hoelzle, askiug permisslon to builci a cesspool nu the west ' side of hls store on Fourth ave., wbuld re Bpecu'ully report tliat the subject lia.s had your committee's best consideración, and your .eommHtee would reeomniend liiat the l t tltioner'a prayer begraut.ed; tlie petitioner _ i ■■ s lo keep and pui the strest in good and satisfftctory condition, and an soon as the Bewers ure built he will connect with such bewers. and dispense with the use of the cessjool. Thls cesspool is to recelve the water rom a water motor only. Kespectfully Mibmltted, Chkistian Marti. Wtreet Committee. Aid. Manly moved that the report be tecepted and adopted. Adopted. REPORT OF BOND COMMITTEE. Chairman Prettynian reported that the Bond 3ommittee had exaruined the liquor dealer bond of Jos. E. Dennison, principal and Eruest C. Kitsou and Henry A. Kitson as sureties ; would recommend the acceptance with sure;ies uained. Aid. O'Mara moved that the bond be accepted, adopted, and approved. Adopted. REPORTS OF SPECIAL COMMITTEES. To the Common Council: Your Committee on Building would respect'ully s.ubuiit the following report: We have procured a contract with Clay Green, for the ;oustruction of a building for city offices, and ïerewith submit the same with the plans and speeilications ior such building, and would recommend ihat such contract be approved ind directed to be executed by the Board of Public Works, all of which is reapectfully subnitted and a concurrence with our reconimendatiou is requesced. A. P. Fekguson. ARTHL'B J. KITSON, Committee. Aid. O'Mara moved the report be accepted and filed. Adopted. To the Common Council: Your committee appointed to meet with the Soldiers' Relief Commission, and in coujunction with such commission to determine who ought to be placed on the list of persons entitled to have and receive aid f rom the soldiers relief fnnd respectfully report that they have met with such commission and would l mend that the following be the list of persons ' entitled to receive the sum set opposite their ( respective rmmes, until the further order of the counci! ...: Mrs. Sophi ■.. ill , ; $5.00 Mrs. Thomas i ..irus $5.00 Mrs. Abbie i ' ..ey 5.00 Mrs. Clara h.irwood $ó.00 Mr3. Bridget .ïcMahon $5.00 iSr. Isaac Gr .uman $5.00 And we furtudr recommend, in accordance with the order ind resolution of such commission that the name of Daniel Forbes be dropped aud stricken from such list. All of which is respectfully submltted and r'our committee beg to be discharged from the ■urther consideration of the subject. A. P. Ferguson, C. H. Manly, H. G. Prettvhan, V. G. Skow, Committee. Aid. Taylor moved that the report be accepted and adopted. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Alda. Martin, Snow, O'Mara, Ferguson, Taylor, Mauly, l'rettyman, Kitson, Pres. Watts -9. Nay- None. REPORTS OP CITY OFFICERS. CITY TREASURER'S REPORT FOR THE JIONTH ENDING JUNE 30, 1893. To tlie Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor : Balance on hand as per last report -- 1 10.0S6.05 MONEY RECEIVED. P. G. Suekey, Co. Treas., liquor tax 7.9S4.35 Jas. Murray, fees 520 N. Sutherland, street fund 37.50 W. J. MlUer, licenses 700 Pred Sipley, building permit 2.00 Total 818,122.10 i 1S.122.10 JIONEY DISBURSED. Contingent Fund $1,104.23 Street Fund 1.081.19 Firernen's Fund 485.19 Pólice Fund 169.50 PoorFund 103.76 Cemetery Fund 28.50 Soldiers' Relief Fund 26.50 Bridse, Crosswalk and Culvert Fund 104.64 Total Disbursemcnts $ 3,083.41 Total on hand 15.038.(39 BALANCE ON HAND. Contingent Fund 3,492,51 Street Fund 2,806.51 Firemen's Fund 3,714.08 Pólice Fund 1.016 58 PoorFund 985.26 Water Fund 3,178,21 Cemetery Fund 231.42 Soldiers' Relief Fund.. 989.09 Dniversity Hospital Aid Bond Fund 840.00 Delinquent Tax Fund 1.400.81 Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk Fund, 4.698.76 DogTaxFund 1ÜO.00 Total ..819,046.01 $4.207.32 Total on hand $ 15,038.69 Respectfully submitted, Geu. H. Pond, City Treasurer. Ann Arbor Savinos Bank, ) Ann AKiiOR, Mich., July 3, 1893. S To the Common Council: Dear Sir:- This will certify that Geo. H. Pond has on deposit to his credit as City Treasurer the sum of Uiteen thousand, thirtyeight dollars aud seveuty cents ($15,038.70.) Chas. H. Hiscock, Cashier. The monthly reports of the City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Marshal, and Poor Superintendent were read and ordered filed. MOTIONS AND RESOLUTIONS. By Aldermau O'Mara. Resolved, That the sum of one hundred aud tbirty dollars beappropriatedfrom the Bridge, Culvert aud Crosswalk Fund, and expended in the coustruction of two crosswalks on Washington street, one in the rear of the Haugsterfer block.and one between the stores of Rinsey & Seabolt and Frauk Burg's. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Aids. Martin, Suow, O'Mara. Ferguson Taylor, Mauly, Prettyman. Kitson, Pres. Walt -9. Nay- None. By Alderman Kitson. Resolved, That the sum of $300.00 be appro priated from the Bridge, Culvert and Cross walk fund to build four crosswalks at Stat st., Thayer st., Ingalls st., and Twelfth st. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Aids. Martin, Snow. O'Mara, Fergusoi Taylor, Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, Pres. Watt Naya- None. By Alderman O'Mara. Resolved, That the contract of Clay Green be accepted, and the Board of Public Works b directed to close such contract at once. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Aids. Martin, Suow, O'Mara. Fergusoi Taylor, Mauly, Prettyman. Kitson. Pres. Watt Nays- None. Bv Aid. Ferguson : Whereas, Complaints are made that th Aun Arbor Water Company is-, and has bee supplyiug to cousumers water tnkeu froi the river, auduot suitable for domestic u poses, accordiug to the terms of their frai chise. Therel'ore, Resolved, That the water committee invest gate the same and report at the next regular meeting of the council. Adopted. ByAld. Manly: Resolved, That the sum of $150 be appropriated from the Street Fund. to cut down aud othcrwise improve Broadway. Reierred to Board of Public Works for further estiuiates for such improvements with grade. By Aid Martin : Resolved, That there is ueed for a light at corler of Fifth Avenue aüd Huron streets. duriug ;he whole uight, that the lighting committee io arrange for lighting gas at such poiut, if iime eau be procured for the sum of teu dolará per ear, and that such lteht be cared for y the fire departmeut. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Aids. Martin, Suow.O'Mara, Fergusou, Taylor, Manljv Prettynian, Kitsou, President Yatts- 9. Nays- None. By Aid. Martin. Resolved. That the Board of Public V0rk9 be iquested to report to this couucil, the condiïou of the Fifth Street culverc at our next ouncil meeting. Adopted. Resolved, That seventy-five dollars be apororiated from the Bridge. Culvert and Cross valkFund for thelpurpose of coustructing a ross-walk at the junctiou of Voilaud street nd Washteuaw avenue. Adopted as follows : Yeas - Aids. Martin. Snow,O'Mara, Fergusou, aylor. Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, President Vatts.- ;). Nays - None. By Aid. Taylor : Whereas, The present System of collecting arbage througbout the city has proved a failre. therefore Remirei', That the Board of Health is hereby ustructed not to umuloy a aeavenger from this ate forth, uutil further notice from the Couuil. Adopted. By Aid. Prettyman : Resolved, That the sum of fifty dollars be apropriated from the street fund lor the purose 01 grading Forost ave , south of Hiü st. Referred to street committee. By Aldennau Suow : WHEREAS, A vacaucy in the office of Aldermau of the Ihird Ward, in the City of Aun Ar )or, exists, occasioned by the death of Alderman Ariel H. Fillmore: Therefore Resolved, And it is hereby ordered that aii lectiou be held on Monday, the Sist day of uly.A. D.,18S3, in the said Third Ward, for -he' purpose of flllius such vacaucy in the ofhee of alderman. as aforesaid. That such eleciou be held in the basement of the Court ïouse in said Third Ward, aud to be couducedpursuant to law. Resolved, Further. that the City Clerk do ertify this resolution to the iuspectors of ïiection in and lor said Third Ward, and also lave due notice of the aidelectiou hereby ordered according to laiv. Adopted. On motiou the council adjourned. C:ty Clerk.


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