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A Ghastly Find

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Travkkse City, June 30. - The north woods are full of mysteries that will never be explained. The finding of a box of human bones in a cedar swamp near Traverse City by two fishermen points to the solution of one of the mysterious disappearances that have become common of late years. In 1871 a farmer named Ely, living on the shore of Long lake, disappeared with his entire family, between two days, leaving everything untouehed in his house. A hired man carne forward with a deed of the house and farm that had never been recorded and claimed everything as his own, though he could not explain how he carne to have it. Nothing was done at the time, and in 1876 Mr. Ely's father came to hunt him up, but could never find a trace of his son or his family. Nothing could be proved ag ainst the new owner, but he did not seem to enjoy life and the old farm and house soon feil into disrepute, and the house has stood silent and deserted for years with empty windows and echoing rooms. Some time ago a chest of woman's clothes was found in the thick woods near the house, and identified as to Mrs. Ely, but no one has taken any steps to prove anything of late years, and the box of human bones is the first decisive thing that has ever been unearthed. The man who was supposed to know more than any living perron about the ïnystery died a year or so a go, and it will probably never be solved.


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