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Prof. Harrington Vindicated

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The Washington Post of July 3ra., has the following to say in regard to Prof. Harrington which will doubtless be of interest to his many Ann Arbor friends. "Prof. Harrington, chief of the Weather Bureau, has our congratulations. It must be said that a careful examination of the charges against him, and of the evidence brought forward to sustain them, had quite prepared us for the result, but of course an exoneration by his official superior is of more importance to Prof. Harrington than any quantity of unofficial conjectures could possible be. "It remains to be said only that Prof. Harrington has borne himself with rernarkable dignityend moderation under circumstances that might well have extorted signs of irritation from a less completely balanced subject. The accusations were conspicuously frivolous, and the manner and the form in which they were passed would have excused, even if they did not justify, a much greater demonstration of resentmentthan he deigned to manifest. Prof. Harrington, however, contented himself with a very températe policy of defense, and this has only served to emphasize and strengthen his vindication. "There are to be radical and sweeping changes in the organization of the Weather Bureau, we hear. It is possible that these changes will involve, Prof. Harrington. But, in the light of the events to which we refer, Prof. Harrington will retire, if at all, without a stigma for suspicion upon his record. He will take with him into any new field of usefulness he may conclude to enter, the respect and confidence of the country and the untarnished prestige of an honorable name."


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