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Be A Man Again

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■t o THE ELIXIR OP YOUTHI ís Ule norm Living?: ïtlsnot lf jonarenot la possession of the ÍW1 üaculties forenjoying it. We olfer to the publu a true and trusty ïemedy, th o ELÍXIR OF YOÜTH, A po9itlve, Bpeedy, snfe and reliable scientifii ciompjur.d, maiiuiactarcdouly 'jy skilied chemisus, ïroni ttie}irí"Sript.ionofaGermanpLiy5iciau oí vurld-wule taino. V'a guarcmtee thie Ii!i:iir to re?',oretbc Tlcalliy of yoüüi to those who ure suüe-m; Í. .m the abuses so comnion In this ;ia;. J a .or.tive cure for önen.oatorrtie;!, Lv83 of Pover, - iht Emisslonsandall Serr.iual Wenkupss. ■.'■.. nials of the wonderful results produced by thls elixii, v, Uioü we are authonzetl to sUo"V or applicatioa ot anyone requiring such a medicine. We charge no exhorbitant price, nor do weofferyoua quack nostrum.but a legitímate and solentlflc preparation, which will surely do all we claim lor it. The Elixir is put up in 4 oz. boules, and retalla for 11.00, or 6 for $5.00. This valuable remedy wlll be found on sale by all leadlng druggists. Each druggist has on file ewora testimoniáis of the wonderful cures produced by thia Elixir, and the proprietora confidently refer all in need of it to them. The Germán Hospital .Remedy Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.% For Sale by all Drnggists. C. EBERBACH Sc SONS, Agents.


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