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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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The street lawns of Dexter are cut with a mowing machine. Emancipation day will be the great colored 4th of July, at Ypsilanti, Aug. ist. ; T A worm resembling the weevil, is devastating Washtenaw clover fields. It works at the base of the blossom. The Hines family of eight, a Ypsilanti, has become extinct in eight years, the last having died two weeks ago. ; # John Chicken resides in Ypsilanti Any attempt to give him tne "gaff' on account of his name, will prove him a gamey rooster. K Joseph Gauntlette is now postmaster of Milan. The stamp mucilage diet is rapidly reaching the democrats of the 2nd district. Ann Arbor people are putting waxed end "half-hitches" into their buttons, against the appearance of the new university funny paper. If the lazy Ypsilanti sprinkler don't cease muddying the crossings with his machine, an outraged community will yet rub his nose in it. ,r ■ The telephone between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti works so badly that no person can communicate through it, without straining his relations. A strong attachment has sprung up between several university students and a number of dealers who trusted them, the merchants doing the "attaching." The little two-year oíd angel, owned and edited by Mr. Staebler, of Ann Arbor, feil fourteen feet through the skylight of a harness shop, last week, and never broke the smile on her face. County Treasurer Suekey, of Washtenaw, recently attended a foreign press banquet at Mihvaukee, and responded to toasts in five languages. And yet the republicans tried to beat that man, last fall! The Saline Observer "would like to see - coming into town, seated on a load of wool - a farmer with a smile on his face." What impossible visions the human mind can conjure up! Clay Greene, of Ann Arbor, will build a monument to his memory, by constructing a $150 public drinking fountain. And yet the chances are ten to one that the newspapers will spell his name wrong after his death. Now that Dr. Obetz the "little pill" professor of the University has been exonerated from the charges brought by his "little pill" brothers, let us all now turn our attention to cleansing our system against the fall miasma. Miles Linklater, a university law student, and a waiter at the Psi U. house, has turned out an "all round" fellow having been arrested for bicycle thieving, and for want of bail went to jai 1. "We will Psi U. later, Linklater" was the response of those who were asked to be his security. The editor of the Dexter News, is now prepared to give away a life sighs photogragh of himself, with every paid up arrearage. Good looking editors can do that; but there's Slocum of the Caro Advertiser. - O my! Rev. Coburn, of Ann Arbor, properly bestrided the neck of the council, for favoring an 1 1 o'clock saloon closing ordinance. If a man attending right to business, cannot get drunk by half past ten, he is beyond reformation. A former Ann Arbor boxing instructor, let the cars kill him at Rochester last week. It is thoughtthe rash act was due to remorse at not having secured of the boys, more money in advance, before suddenly sliding out of the town. Walter Dennison scoops a thousand dollar prize at the University - the Jones Latín Fellowship. Saline is so proud over the fact that Dennison's father once lived there, that all the male people of the town wear the new style long tailed coat. A State convention of those whose noses have been emancipated from their vermillion coloring by the Keeley process, will be held in Ypsilanti on the ioth. No man or woman can be a member who cannot boast of once having had the "jims." Postmaster Blackmar, of Oakville, wasaskedby Congressman Gorman, to resign. But he was getting $4 a month, on cancellations and he wouldn't do it. He's there yet. When they "down," Blackmar on lis fat salary, they will have to cnock him down.


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