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W. W. Watts is editing the Courie this week. The Toledo track on the nortl side is being raised. City Engineer Key is working on the Broadway grade. The Board of Health officials are busy cleaning up the city. VVahr's bookstore on State St. has been closed for the summer. A new tar walk is being laid on the north side of Traver street. Marshal Murray is building an addition to his residence on Broadway. Real estáte men claim that there is a heavy demand for houses to rent. A fine stone crossing is being laid Detween the postoffice and the Duffy Dlock. There will be a baptism of infants at the M. E. church next Sunday morning. H. J. Brown has been confined to lis house, the result of a fall from lis bicycle. The appearance of Snow's livery table has been improved by a coat of white paint. The Young People's Societies of Zion church spent yesterday at Whitmore Lake. The Michigan Woraan's Press Association will hold its next meeting in Ann Arbor. The city taxes are to be paid between the i5th of July and the i5th of August this year. John Delaney was before Justice Bennett last Saturday, charged with assault and battery. The Bethlehem church Sunday school held its annual picnic at Relief park, Wednesday. Parris Banfield, W. W.Wadhams and Joe Williams were at Portage Lake one day this week. Mr. C. E. Godfrey's new house on North Fourth avenue will be lighted by electricity and gas. Johnson Tent, K. O. T. M., will meet the first and third Wednesday each month during the summer. Wednesday evening five tramps were jailed for trying to steal a ride in a Michigan Central freight car. Miss Lizzie Covert has been confined to her room the past week with a severe attack of neuralgia. Union Services will be heldin the M. E. church, Sunday evening. Rev. J. W. Bradshaw will preach. From Jan. i to June 30, inclusive, County Clerk Brown has issued exactly 175 marriage licenses. O. E. Scott, '94 law, has finished canvassing for a directory of boarding houses, which he is getting out. Kapp, one of the injured firemen, is considerablyimproved, while Carroll does not seem to get any better. Last Friday the D., L. & M. R. R. depot at Salem was damaged $100 worth by fire, which was caused by lightning. Miss Emnia Bower, of the Democrat, has been elected vice-president of the Michigan Woman's Press Association. Fred Sober, of Salem, carries his hand in a sling as the result of a collision with the knife on a mowing machine. Workmen have been enlarging and repairing the drains on the Michigan Central depot grounds the past week. Mrs. Geo. Olp is conducting the millinery store, corner of Main and Ann streets, formerly owned by Mrs. Southard. In the adjourned case of the People vs. Baumgartner, of Pittsfield, held before Justice Pond, neither party appeared. A beautiful night blooming cereus was in bloom at the residence of Rev. Max Hein, on Washington st., Wednesday night. Yesterday, Street Commissioner Sutherland let the contract for building five artificial stone cross-walks on N. University and Washtenaw avenues to Charles Hewitt, for $375. Rktumatism Is ;i syinpton of (lisease of the kidneys. lt vvill certainly be relieved by Park's Sure Cure. That headaclie, backaclie and tived i'eeling come f rom the same cause. Ask for Park's Sure Cure for the liver and kidneys, price $1.00. Sold by Eberbach Drug & Chemical Co. Louis Finch, an employé of A. P. Ferguson, feil down the elevator shaft, last Friday evening, and sprained both wrists. Last Saturday John Rehfuss, of W. Huron street, died suddenly, aged 60 years. The funeral services were held Monday. Paul Schoeffler, the boy charged with assault, was before Justice Pond last Friday and sentence was suspended till Sept. ist. The A. M. ' E. Sunday-school children and teachers enjoyed a pleasant picnic on Cedar Bend avenue, Wednesday afternoon. The funeral services of Emma, the five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Luebke, were held last Tuesday afternoon. Mr. L. J. Damm has taken into partnership his bartender, Mr. L. A. Walker. The new firm will continue business at the old stand. Justice Bennett fined Adelbert Wetherbee $1 and costs and Edward Wasser $5 and costs forbeing drunk and disorderly, the first of the week. Last Friday evening the lightning burned out an armature at the electric light station, and all street cars were stalled until morningin conse}uence. Last Friday Justice Pond senenced George Hessians to the Inlustrial School for Boys. He was entenced for maliciously breaking lower pots. Prof. M. E. Cooley, Consulting ngineer of the Kalamazoo Asylum s drawing plans for the new beating nd lighting apparatus which wil ost $80.000. On Tuesday evening a Michigan Central freight car was broken into netween Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, nd a large araount of ready-made lothing taken. New crossings are being put in on Washington street, across the alley east of the Hangsterfer block and between the stores of Rirey &: Seabolt, and Frank Burg. It is reported that the School of Music building will be located on the Latson property on the east side of Maynard street, just opposite Granger's Dancing Academy. Quarterly meeting will be held in the Germán M. E. church, Sunday, July 23. Rev. Mr. Alldinger, of Detroit, the presiding eider of the conference, will officiate. The Young Ladies Society of Bethlehem church will give a lawn social this evening at Messrs. Stein and Spring, on Fifth Avenue. Admission 15 cents. The proceeds will be devoted to the church building fund. In the absence of Rev. Henry Tatlock during the summer, Rev. E. M. Duff, his assistant, will have charge of the parish. Mr. Duff may be found in his office at Harris Hall from 9:30 to 10:30 a. m., and 2.30 to 3:30 p. m.. Mrs. Helen C. Bordeaux has filed a bilí in the county clerk's office asking for a divorce from her husband Jas. A. Bordeaux, on the ground of cruelty. Thompson, Harriman & Thompson are solicitors n the case. The school board has received' aids for the winter's supply of coal at $6.50 per ton for anthracite and $3.75 for bituminous. The bids were quite uniform and the year's supply will be apportioned among all the dealers. Fred Rentchler who is operating "or Arnold and Gibson at the World's Fair, took 800 pictures last Saturday, July 8th, every body wants their Dicture taken at the Fair. Fred had aeen taking photos of the balloon ascensions until the day the wind Dlew the balloon to pices.


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