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He Talked Too Much

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"It ain't no sign of hravery ter abuso folks over a hif;h fence er iror.i t'other side fhe river," sni'J the captain, tilting the ken on which Le was sittin ; ro that his back might rest ugainst tlie fish hönso. His companion sat by mending his aets. "Now when I was rjuite a lad," he went on, "I hed an esperienoe thatubowedme whatuncommon poliey it is to be too funny- even ;it a öistaneó." "How was that?" "Well, I was put i:i alterante c:p'n en one of them stenmere thnt iruns f.n Fi man's bay, an bein yi nv.: üi toleiable si:ccessful I got to tfainkin I kuowed pretty much the wliole of it. "One day we was layjn :it i bp wharf !oa:lin the freight on, au 1 seeaüttloman walkin up an down wuitin ter go .aboard. ile ■Was a pompous lookin individual, an follerin an hangin on his words was twoor three inen that seemed ter consider what he said as golden speech. "I kept tliinkin that I wished it would come time ter start when he was way up t'other end of the wharf, an sure enough, just as he got much as a rod away it was time ter pull out. "I pulled the whistle an waited full time, but he turned round mighty moderate an come toward the plank. The men commeneed ter haul it on, a we feil back froin the wharf. Then he broke into a run an waved his bat an shouted. "When we was clear of everythinglhollered back, 'Hurry up, little chap, oryou'll hev ter walk!' an a lot of sech talk, when I got a signal from the cap'n that was 'longside ter put back, an flndin somethin unusual was up I hed to. "The men lowered the plank, an the little man walked on board an come right up ter the pilothouse an passed me his card. "He was the owner of the whole line of steamers, an he says very slow an kind: 'Speakin of walkin, p'r'aps you'd better go ashore now 'fore they draw the plank in. We shan't need you on this trip.' " "What did you do?" "Do? Why, I went of course, an my assistant run the trip. The matter was fixed up, but when I makea joke nowltakekeer !t's one that ain't comin home ter roost." - ïouth's Companion.


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