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About Having The Last Word

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A young girl once heard a bit of wisdom from the lips of a very aged woman - a tvoman who had rounded the full term of 90 years, and with eyes still bright and clear looked out upon the inrolling waters oL eternity. The girl was impressed by the emphasis with which the venerable dame said to her, "Bessie, never insiston having the last word." The deterniination to have the final %vord leads to more quarrels and more bitterness oí feeling at home than almost anything else in doiuestie life. The fact is that one may so control her tongue and her eyes that she may allow her opponent the pleasure ei this coveted concluding thrust and yet placidly retain her own opinión, and in the homely colloquial parlance of the up country, where oce finds strong willed people living together in great peace with the most pronounced diversity of characteristics, "do as she's a ni i ni I to."


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