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Miss Erama Gwinner is visiting ia Pittsfield. Fred H. Yoellneris visiting friends in Toronto. Miss Kate Burns is visiting friends in Saginaw. Miss Nellie Rinsey is visiting Detroit friends. Mrs. J. C. Knowlton and children are at Charlevoix. John Duffy is reporting for the Democrat this week. Mrs. C. S. Millen and son Clinton are at North Lake. George Jacobus got his hay in without having it rain. A. L. Noble and family are camping at Cavanaugh lake. Miss Julia Rominger is visiting friends in La Salie, 111. Mrs. E. A. Gartee is visiting her mother at Ithaca, Mich. William Higgins, of Ionia, is in town visiting old friends. Bruno St. James and family are camping at Whitmore Lake. Mrs. Frank Feiner has been visiting in Detroit the past week. Messrs. C. G. and N. Stanger are sojourning at Whitmore Lake. Fenton Norton, of Cleveland, is visiting his parents in the city. Mrs. C. W. Penny and daughter Jessie are visiting in New York. Mr. Liddell, of St. Louis, Mo., is visiting old friends in the city. Dr. Heneage Gibbes is in Lake county, indulging in trout fishing. Prof. W. F. Edwards and family are visiting 'at Niles, their old home. Mr. and Mrs. R. Waterman are sojourning at the Bay View Cottage. Mrs. Ezra Norris and daughter are visiting relatives in Manchester. J. A. and Miss Mary Polhemus are visiting friends in Clinton this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Warner and daughter are sojourning at Bay View. Mrs. F. B. Preston and son, of Ionia, are visiting relatives in the city. Mrs. Geo. S. Morris and farnily are spending the summer at Old Mission. Dr. Gustav Broesike, of Berlin, Germany, is tne guest of Dr. V. C. Vaughan. Mr. W. M. Shadford returned Wednesday, after a two week's visit at the fair. Robert Weidenman, of New York City, is visiting his sister, Mrs. R. H. Kempf. Prof. and Mrs. Calvin Thomas are visiting at West Branch, Ogemaw county. Sam Binder and Henry Staebler, from Butte, Montana, are visiting their parents. Miss Nellie Seabolt has gone to Cleveland to visit for several weeks with relatives. Miss Meta Tremaine, of Cleveland, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. James R. Bach. Mrs. Beal and family, of East University avenue, are sojourning at Grand Blanc. Miss Annie L. Hadley is spending the summer with Mrs. L. E. Chapin at Cantón, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. John Comstock and child are visiting Andrew Bell, Mrs. Comstock's father. Mrs. Anna Ward Foster is in Charlevoix, giving dancing lessons at the Hotel Belvidere. Prof. Perry and family are spending their outing at Mr. Richmond's stone cottage near Delhi. D. C. Rayer and mother, of Tampa, Fla., are theguests of Judge and Mrs. N. W. Cheever. Mrs. F. W. Pennell, of Woodville, Ohio, has purchased the Jones residence on Forest avenue. Prof. and Mrs. T. C. Trueblood are at Chatauqua, N. Y., where they expect to spend the summer. M. C. Peterson and family have returned from a family reunión which was held at Cleveland. Mrs. Ann Rustland and son Joseph, of New York City, are visiting Edward Duffy and family. C. P. McClure and daughter, of Greeneville, Mich., are visiting T. E. McClure at the Cook House. Last Tuesday Justice Pond sentenced a drunken tramp to a five days' visit with Sheriff Brenner. Mrs. Mary Klotz, of St. Catherines, Ont., is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Christian Eberbach. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mount are making a two week's visit with friends at Bay City and Watrousville. Ralph Garwood is at Bay View, where he will spend the summer. He will teach in the Marshall schools next year. James Ryan one of Wayne's hardware rnerchants, was in town Monday, shaking hands with old friends and acquaintances, and incidently subscribed for the Argus. Herman Hardinghaus has left for Germany, to visit relatives, and to take the famous Carlsbad baths for his health. Mrs. Fowler and her brother, Prof. Julius V. Seyler, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam D. Seyler. Edward W. Staebler, captain of the Wolverine Cycle Club, has been in Toledo in attendance at the Ohio bicycle meet. The Misses Bertha Diehl and Lucinda Lohr are visiting Mrs. Fred H. Belser and family, who are camping at Cavanaugh lake. Mrs. Charles Buil and daughter Mrs. Harry Green, who have been visiting relatives here have returned to their home in Cleveland. Prof. J. Erich Schmaal, of the University School of Music, is in Europe, where he expects to spend the siimmer, returning October i. Mrs. Paul, nee Josephine Jewett, and family, of Montreal, will occupy St. Andrew's rectory during the absence of Rev. Tatlock and family. Mrs. W. H. Dobbin, son Clarence and daughters Misses Mabel, Bessie, Helen and Margaret are the guests of City Clerk Miller and wife. Fred C. Brown, of the Times, was so anxious to see the fire at the Exposition grounds in Chicago that he left his overcoat in the M. C. depot. J. T. Jacobs, United States Indian Commissioner, left last Saturday for San Francisco to open bids for supplies and make a general inspection of agencies. The Conrath Bros. are selling their famous, large blackberries at $4 per bu. in the Detroit markets. They have now in cultivation 10 acres of this famous berry. Miss Ada L. Collison, of La Grande, Oregon, is the guest of her friends the Misses Chalmers, of Pittsfield. Miss Collison has just completed a two weeks' stay at Chicago. The Misses Ida and Julia Dibbles, of Minneapolis, are visiting their father, J. Dibbles, on Detroit street. Miss Julia Dibbles has been principal of a school in that place for five years. J. C. Gillett, of Cleveland, Ohio, who came to this county in 1834, and who has been a subscriber to the Argus since 1840, was a caller at this office last Saturday. Mr. Gillett is 79 years old. Dr. Hegier and bride, of Philadelphia, left yesterday for Chicago by way of the lates. The doctor will be located in a large hospital at Springfield, 111., and will make a specialty of the eye, ear, nose and throat. Miss Sophia Heidt, of Lansing, who has been visiting Matilda Koch on E. Liberty street, returned home Wednesday. Miss Koch went home with her. After making a week's visit in Lansing she leaves for Chicago to view the exposition and from there she will go to Petoskey to visit Edith Collum, of this city, who is there visiting her parents.


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