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Robert Ross has a little daughte at his house. Pond lilies are very numerous in the Hurón this year. The new gas holder at the ga works is about completed. Walter Mack is happy over the birth of a nine pound boy. A. J. Mummery is building a new barn on Observatory street. The Landwehr held a picnic near the waterworks last Sunday. Extensive improvements are being made in Cornwell's paper mili at Foster's. Nearly all the new houses now being erected have already been rented. A county teachers' examination wil! be held at the court house next Thursday. Harry Lombard caught a ten pound pickerel in Whitmore Lake last Friday. Martin Welch will make extensive improvements in his residence on West Third street. The ladies of Bethlehem church gave a lawn social at Mrs. Herman Hutzel's last evening. Leonard Gruner has been repairing and repainting his house and building cement walks. The Schwaebischen Unterstuetzung Verein hold a picnic, Sunday, in Allmendinger's grove. Capt. Leroy L. Janes was married Monday to Miss Flora Oakley, by the Rev. W. E. Caldwell. Schuh & Muehlig have the contract for plumbing and heating Sellick Wood's new residence. There were 154 teams in the procession at the funeral of Charles Weimer, in Scio, yesterday. Clancy & Ryan have sold the Neat House in Ypsilanti to Thomas Neat, the former proprietor. The A. M. E. church of this city hold a camp meeting at Ca'mpbell's grove in Dixboro, August 13. Frank Wood was nominated at the republican caucus in the third ward, Friday evening, for alderman. Rev. Dr. Breed, president-elect of Benzonia College, preached at the Congregational church on Sunday morning. The city election commission held a meeting, Tuesday evening, to make out the tickets for the third ward election. Edward Brown was brought before Justice Bennett, Monday, for begging, and received a sentence of one day in jail. A horse belonging to the Ann Arbor Brick and Tile Company was struck by a train at Emory, Monay, and killed. Emeline Meier has commenced uit in the circuit court, for $5,000 amages for slander against Eugene ielber, of Saline. A logging party with five teams jassed through the city, Tuesday fternoon, on their way from Teumseh to Emory. There were twelve new names egistered in the third ward, Wedesday, to vote at the special election next Monday. There were eighteen excursionists in this city to take advantage of the Evening News excursión to the World's Pair, Tuesday. City Treasurer Pond collected about $4,000 city taxes last week. The city tax amounts to $7.05 on $1,000 assessed valuation. Fred Stollsteimer pleaded guilty to assault and battery in Justice Kennett's court Monday was fined $5 and $6 costs which he paid. Charles Kempf, of Pittsfield, was thrown from a load of wheat Wednesday, under his horses feet but escapea with a sprained shoulder. The other city papers of the city credit the Arm Arbor roadwith killing three horses at Emory last Friday. Only one horse was killed. To show how oíd styles come around again we may remark that J. E. Sumner was wearing a fashionable necktie this week, which he said he had had for over eighteen ' years. The Hartford Fire Insurance Company promptly settled the loss b fire last Friday, paying Mrs. Rebecca Nelson yesterday, $7,031.28. Mrs. John Schneider, jr., has opened ice cream parlors on East Washington street, in the store for merly occupied by L. C. Weinmann The new house being built bi Henry Cornwell, on North División street, will be a very large one anc will cost considerable over $10,000 Ferguson's cart factory force are now working ten hours a day, having caught up with the large number of orders which had been pouring in. The Postal Union Telegraph Company is building a new line from Chicago to Cleveland, which passes through this city on the Ann Arbor road. Filibert Roth, of the University museum, has been appointed special agent of the forestry división of the agricultural department at Washington. Dr. Charles Rominger will make an extensive exploration tour of Western Missouri and Kastern Kansas for the Hegeier Zinc Co., of La Salie, 111. Richard Looker was fined $2 and $5 costs last Saturday by Justice Pond and given the alternative of ten days in jail, for being drunk on the streets. W. W. Crofoot, of Saline, brought a load of new wheat to the Central Mills, last Saturday. It weighed 60 pounds to the bushei and he sold it for 61 cents. Rev. W. L. Tedrow, of the English Lutheran church, will address the Union meeting at the Presbyterian church next Sunday evening at eight o'clock. Mrs. C. Truesdel was thrown out of her buggy at Whitmore Lake, Tuesday evening, by a dog jumping at the horse and scaring it. A bad gash was cut in her head. All third ward voters should remember that there is an election for alderman, Monday, and that the alderman to be elected will have nearly two years to serve. Miss Lucy Schaible died at the home of her mother, Mrs. Michael Schaible on W. Liberty street, Monday morning, 'of consumption. She had been ill since last winter. The attention of the proper authorities is called to the vast amount of weeds and thistles that have been allowed to spring up on the sides of the approaches to the Detroit street bridge. All the bridal couples in this county are not youthful. Elnathan Skidmore, of Chelsea, aged 75, took out a license, Monday, to wed Mrs. Martha Lawrence, aged sixty-five, also of Chelsea. Charles Weimer died at the home of his father, Michael Weimer, in Scio, Tuesday morning. He was a young unmarried man, who had been in business for some time in Dexter and had many friends. Rev. Mr. Willits, of Chicago, gave a most excellent sermón at the union meeting at the Congregational church, Sunday night, to a full house. His theme was the necessity of unity in all the churches. The conductor of the construction train, at Hamburg Juction lost his balance last Friday, was thrown beneath the cars and instantly killed, the wheels passing over his chest. Hon. Chas. H. Kline now occupies the law office over Edward Duffy's grocery store recently occupied by Prosecuting Attorney Kearney, who now occupies offices in the Allmendinger block on Huron street. At the third ward democratie caucus held Monday evening at the court house to nominate an alderman to fill vacancy the first ballot resulted, Thomas H. Godkin, 9; W. E. Walker, 5. Mr. Godkin was unanimously nominated. Clinton Millen, son of Charles S. Millen, was accidentally shot in the groin, Wednesday, while frog hunting at North Lake. The revolver of a companion accidentally discharged. He was brought home last evening, and is doing well. Richard Looker was arrested, Friday evening, under a tree on West Washington street. Some people said he had been there all day, but he indignantly denied this, saying that he had been there in the morning, but sobering up had gone up town and got full again, returning to sleep it off. Justice Pond fined him $2 and costs, or ten days in iail. The Ann Arbor School of Music building will be erected on Maynard street nearly opposite Granger's dancing scademy. A contract foi the building was let yesterday to W. E. Howe for $7,250, the building to be completed before October. Mrs. Mary A. Hascall died in Detroit last Saturday, aged seventy nine years. Since the death of her husband last October, she lived with her daughter, Mrs. George L. Moore in this city. At the time of her death, she was visiting a son in Detroit. Mrs. Caroline Buchoz died Wednesday at noon. She was the daughter of John Morrill, a well known lawyer of Johnstown, New York. She was born in 1S21 and came to Ann Arbor about 1850. The funeral services were held this morning at ten o'clock. A big free-for-all fight is said to have taken place west of the city last Sunday in which a large number of contestants participated and some heavy blows were exchanged. The participants are keeping quiet as to the cause and the narnes of those engaged in the cóntest. Rev. J. Mills Gelston will occupy the Presbyterian parsonage on Divison street as soon as Dr. McLachlan vacates it. S. V. Clarkson will remove to the house on Fifth avenue now occupied by Mr. Gelston and Rev. Mr. Kennedy will occupy the house vacated by Mr. Clarkson. Mrs. Louise Otto, of Ypsilanti, las commenced a suit for divorce in the circuit court against George Otto and has been granted a temporary injunction, restraining him from selling his property, which she values at 5,000. The couple have Deen married nearly six years. Herbert Benedict, of Ypsilanti, s under arrest, awaiting trial tomorrow on the charge of cruelty to animáis. He hired a horse Sunday morning for an hour, returning it to he stable at three o'clock Monday morning, during which time it is claimed the horse was not unharnessed. A man named Brown was arrested or begging on the streets, and aken before Justice Bennett, Mon[ay. He claimed that he had been svorking as a blacksmith in Ypsianti, had gotten full and spent his tvages, and if allowed to go he promised never to return to Ann Arbor. He was given one day in ail. Henry Miller found the horse of ..eonard Gruner hitched in front of Coch's residence on Washington treet, Sunday afternoon, and immediately appropriated the horse. ie drove four miles towards Ypsianti, exchanged his coat for one he :ound in the wagon, and walked nto Ypsilanti. Here Deputy Sherffs Brenner aind McCabe arrested ïim, and he is now in jail charged with horse stealing.