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A Niece Of Randolph Rogers

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A few years ago the business woman was known principally as a milliner and a dressmaker. Today she is engaged in every branch of egitimate trade. A business woman who makes a success of what she undertakes is Miss Katie Rogers, a niece of Randolph Rogers, the fatnous sculptor of Ann Arbor, Mich. ike her illustrious uncle, Miss iogers possessed aremarkable talent :or art and for many years gave her ime almost exclusively to oil paintng. She was an artist in the true ense, working neither for money or ame, but for the love of art itself. Portrait painting was her forte and many fine faces, so life like and real as to almost speak from the canvas, ïave been the productions of her jrush. Had not death interposed, Michigan no doubt would have jiven to the world a woman portrait )ainter equal in merit to thefamous culptor whose delicately chiselled marble made the name of Bulwer a household. world. The father of Miss Katie Rogers, Moses Rogers, died in 1889. He was the owner of a successful business on Detroit st., Ann Arbor, where for years he had sold all kinds of agricultural implements, garden seeds and miscellaneous articles for farmers' use. The business was well established, but at the death of the owner there was no one to go on with it. With out a moment of hesitation Miss Rogers laid aside her brush and palette and took up the duties of the business woman. And in this as in her art work, she has demonstrated the native perseverance and executive ability so essential to the success of a business career. Miss Rogers is a woman of striking independence and conducís her business in a straightforward, business-like manner. Her late father, Moses Rogers, was a brother of the great sculptor and one of the pioneers of Washtenaw county, having settled in Ann Arbor in 1839, before the city had a railroad or telegraph line. His gifted and self-sustaining daughter is an example of well directed energies and the possibilities which lie within the reach of women. endowed with laudable ambition and a tenacity of purpose. Miss Rogers, while being a through business woman, is still an artist and executes at odd moments some choice bits of work her fancy may prompt. Her home is full of faruily portraits and pictures, all her own handiwork, the most notable of the portraits being that of her illustrious uncle, Randolph Rogers. She also has a copy of his famous masterpiece, "Nydia," done in oil, a perfect reproduction, and a copy of his "Ruth," done in colors, which is a triumph of a Ufe time. This piece alone ought to make Miss Rogers famous as a portrait painter. No doubt she will be enabled in the future to give more time to art again, but at present she is devoting her interests to business and has not only maintained the patronage of her father's old customers but many new ones besides.