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Chelsea is to have another grocery store. Whooping cough is prevalent in Clinton. The Ypsilanti' schools open September ii. Reed Darling, of Augusta, has built a new barn. It is said that Ypsilanti uses about 1,500,000 gallons of water a day. A horse was stolen from Joseph White, of Ypsilanti, last Friday evening. Twenty persons joined the Presbyterian church in Saline last Sunday. A. A. Wood, of Lodi, will exhibit forty of his sheep at the World's Fair. The Ypsilanti city people are only allowed to sprinkle their lawns two hours a day. Henry Waldron, of Salem, will exhibit his Percheron horses at the World's Fair. Eight crap shooters, in Ypsilanti, have paid #5 each into Justice Bogardus court. Charles V. Harris, of Augusta, is rebuilding his barn, which was destroyed by lighting. George E. Davis, the Chelsea auctioneer, lost a horse last week. It got to the oats bin and gorged itself to death. The Peninsular paper mill, at Ypsilanti, shut down for a short time throwing forty men out of employment. Ed. Wright was brought to jail from Saline last week to serve a ten days sentence for being drunk and disorderly. Knorpp & Meyer, of Manchester, were fined #110.05' including costs, last week by esquire Kelly for not cleaning up their slaughter house. Thomas Johnson, of Augusta township, died July 30, aged 84 years. He was born in England but carne to Augusta about4o years ago. Had it not been for the Saline volunteer fire department recently the Harmon House would have burned up. As it is the loss was only $50. A house of ill fame was raided in Ypsilanti, Saturday night and a number of young men arrested together with the female inmates. Each one paid $8.75 fine. Ypsilantians are allowed to sprinkle the streets at any time of the day but are not allowed to sprinkle their lawns only between six and eight in the evening. South Lyon needs to look to her sidewalks. Mrs. W. A. Weatherhead stepped on a nail sticking up in the sidewalk last week and the nail ran into her foot an inch. Milo Benham, of Ypsilanti, died August 3, aged eighty-four four years. He was born in New York and moved to Ann Arbor in 1838. He moved to Ypsilanti town in 1867. The state tax levy for the year 1893 will be $1,925,000, as against $1, 419, 210 for 1892. This will add $553 to Sylvan, L457 to Lima, L305 to Dexter and $227 to Lyndon. - Chelsea Standard. What would. Manchester do in case of a good fire ? When the fire department there took their fire engine out the other day for practise, they found the water in the river so low that the suction hose wouldn't reach it. Masked burglars entered the parsonage of St. John's Catholic church in YpsilantMast Friday evening and woke up Fr. Kennedy, keeping revolvers at his head till they had collected their booty. They missed a big roll of bilis. Loss, $100. Some unknown miscreant entered the house of Emma Kelsey, in York, on Tuesday of last week, and seizing her choked her badly before her screams brought help from people driving along the road. He disappeared and what he wanted is not known. N. Schmid relates a singular occurrence that took place at his cottage at Sand lake a few evenings since. They sent up a large paper balloon which went up to a great height, then it struck a current of air that carried it west and soon it struck another that carried it east and finally out of sight. A short time after, while setting off some fireworks, they were surprised to see the balloon descend within 100 feet of where it went up.- Manchester Enterprise. A big row started last Friday in the colored settlement north of here that has started in a replevin suit. A woman got knocked down several times, and a man got pounded severely; then it quieteddown till Sunday, when one of the parties drew a revolver on another and was promptly knocked down and badly used up and the revolver taken away from him. This has resulted in the arrest of five parties, and there will be blood on the moon for several weeks yet. - Whittaker correspondence, Milan Leader. The Manchester M. E. Sunday School are holding a picnic at Wampler's Lake today. Ann Arbor is not the only place having trouble over fire protection as witness this item frora the Manchester Enterprise: If anyone wants to see the new Macomb street reservoir they must go to the engine house, it lies there in an ignominious heap. The tub collapsed when they attempted to unload it. They then attempted to sink it in a quagmire but the water and quicksand troubled so much that they could not succeed and the tub again collapsed and the effort to sink it seems to have been abandoned after an outlay of perhaps $100. An old man named Leonard Lucas, who has been a county charge, but who lias worked around here the past few months, climbed up in Geo. Haeussler's hay mow last Thursday afternoon to sleep off a jag he had been contracting. He feil through and struck on the floor below, where Mr. Haeussler found him in a sadly demoralized condition. He was wheeled to the lock-up and after being washed and clean clothing put on him, was examined by Dr. Kapp who found that his arms were paralyzed. Supervisor VVatkins then ordered him taken to the county house. - Manchester Enterprise. Just before i o'clock Thursday, people in the neighborhood of the stove works were startled by a terrible explosión. It seems that the crude oil which is used for fuel was ia poor condition, being full of lumps, and when the works had shut down for noon the fire was partially turned off and the pipes became clogged, extinguishing the blaze. When it became time to start up, Peter Easterle, the enginer, not noticing that it was leaking, turned on the oil and lighted it when an explosión occurred which wrecked the arch and broke all the windows in the room. Fred Clark, who had finished his dinner and was on a bench beside the boiler, was slightly injured by falling bricks. Work was immediately commenced