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Aak Your Friemds Who have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla what they tbiuk of it, and the replies will be pósitive in its favor. One has been cured of indigestión and dyspepsia, another flnds it indispensable for sick headacbe, others report remarkable cures of scrof ula, salt rheum and other blood diseases, still others will teil you that it overcomes "that tired felling," and so on. ïruly, the best advertising which Ilood's Sarsaparilla receives is the hearty endorsement of the army of friends it has won by its pósitive medicinal merit. Mrs. Blaine and Gail" Hamflton will, it is said, write a biography of Mr. Blaine. üenry Vüla.rd'8 name was originally Hügard, turó be took his present one f rom an intitnate íríend oí Liijcoln. A New Certain Cure for Piles. We do not intend to endorse any except articles of genuine merit; we therefore, take pleasure in recommending to sufferers from Piles in any form, a prompt and permanent cure. The following letters speak for themselves. Mrs. Mary C. Tyler, of Heppner, Ore., writes; One pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely cured me of piles from which I have suffered foryears, and I have never had the slightest return of them since. Mr. O'Brien, Rock Bluffs, Neb., says: The pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely removed every trace of itching piles, I cannotthank you enough for it. The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new, certain, painless cure for every form of piles. It is safe, sure and cheap. Any druggist will get it for you in you ask him. ChildrenCryfor Pitcher's Castorla.


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