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It'sjustlikeaman To say that his wife can't make as good bread as his Mother did. CILLETT'S Will give you the great advantage which his mother had, and besides, bread made with this yeast will help bring back his boyhood's digestión, ensuring his enjoyment of the rest of your cooking also= Get Magie Yeast at your Grocer's. It Is always GOOD and always READY. teABTER'Sl " CURE Bek Heaaaehe ana relieve all the tronblea toef ent to a bllioua Btata of the system, Buoh aa Dizziness Nausea, DrowslnesB. Distresa alter eating. Pain in the Bidé, &O. While tbeiimott remariable Buccese has been showa in cunJBg j SICK BeaSache, yet Carter's Llttlo Liver Pffli ara equaUy valuable in Consüpatlon, curing and pra venting thisannoyingcomplaint,-whila they also correct all disorders of theBtomachtimulate tha aiverandxegulatethebowelB. EveniXtneyonl HEAD lAebtheywotildbelinotpricelea3totlios9wha i Buííer f rom this distressing complaint; but f ortulatly theirgoodneas does notend here.and thosa ytho once try them will flnd these little pilla Tala'eble in so many ways that they will not be wil Jiña todo without them. BatafterallBickoeaa ACHE flgthe bane of bo many Uvea that here Is wüera wemalteourgreatboast. OurpiUs cure white ethers do Dot. _ _ Carter-B Litüe Liver Pilla are very smaU an4 ■very eaey to take. One op two pillB make a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, butby thelr gentleacüon please all who , ose them. In vials at 25 centa ; flve f or $1. Sola fcy druggiits every wüere, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALLPILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALLPRICE Eajíle Brand tlie Best. ROOFINC Is unecmaled for House, Barn, Factory or out-builuings and costs liali the priee ot shingles. tin or iron. It is ready for use and easily applied tiy anyqne. Send stamp for samples ana state size of roof. EXCELSIOR PAINT AND KOOFING CO., 155 Duane St., New York, N. T. MARTIN & FISCHER. PROPRIETORS OF THE WESTERN BRETWEKY, AXN ARBOE, MICHBrewers of Pure Lager Beer. aHKBB The quiltine party ana the H stage coach are played ■ mi II T ïhe telephone and ■ A yiilLI RIAUCBi)avis Family Qullting ... m. ....._ I Machine are modern ne■ IN 3 HOURS. MyQuiltingMa [ in w n"i U chine is a new and valua ■ ble attachment for al Sewïngiiiiirlimes. Ot.f liuiv ' not6 or 9) can make a aniltin ohoure; alsoquilt chiklren's cioaks; dressflnings, etc. 8eud $.OO and I will send you a machino by flrst express. Agents wanted every ■where. Forcircnlarsanrl f uil information address HBNKY T. DAV1S. 30 W. Kandolph St., Chicago GET A TICKET OF W. F. LODHOLZ 4 and 6 Broadtcay and you are entitled to a ohoiceof the Bome Instructor or the Life of General Sherman or the Life of P. T. Barnum (FREE) when cash purchaee to the amount of Ï15 has been made THE HOME INSTRUCTOR. LAROE OCTAVO, 478 PAGES, ILLUS TRATED. A compendium of useful know ledge necsssary for the practical uses of every day life. A complete and perfect g-uide to Hfe In public and private. THE LI FE AND DEEDSTOF W. T SHERMAN. CROWN OCTAVO, 568 PAGES, ILLUS TRA TED. A graphic narrative of his boyhoo and early life, education, career in Florida and California, military achievements, life as a Citizen, last sickness and death ; with fitie stee portra it. THE LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM THE WORLD RENOWNED SHOWMAN. CROWN OCTAVO, 520 PAGES, ILLUS TRATED. His early life and strugfrles, bol ventures and brilliant success : his wonderf u career, hls wit, (renius and eloquence, his lif as a citizen, etc- to which is added his f amou book, The Art of Money Gettino. FagoWovenWirc Fence ■ f [ f í f r i ' ; i i f f f ! ; 1 - - r - . - ►- - r - i - k - i - - t - t - r"4 f - ' - ï "TT7" 't'ttTT' Zl'-Ú A Smooth Fenoe that Will Turn Any Kind of Stock : The Bestand Cheapest Fence for the,FarHi Made in sizeg from 24 to 58 inches highj either galvanized or painted. Cali and Examine It And you will buy no other. y M. STAEBLER, Ann Arbor.


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