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Death Of Judge Crane

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The following article relativo to the late Judge Grane, was written ly Mr. Cooley Reeves, and will appear in this week's Dexter Leader : Deed, at his home in Dexter, about ome o'clock Monday morning, the 14-tli day ï August, 1893, ex-Judge Alexander D. Orane, in the 84th year of lus age. The Judge was botín iu Mentz, Oayuga couaity, New York, in 1809. Hi,s parearte were Stephen and Ketrurah A. (Topping) Orane, natives oí New Jersey. Uaitil the age of 16 Jxis life was spent on a farm at which time he was apprenticed to a blackKmltih. In 1827 he first eame to Washtenaw county, stopping for a time at Ann Arbor and Maroli 1, 1830, establisliins hlmeeU at hls chosen tra-de im Dexter, looating liis shop mear wJiere L. L. James now resides. Hare ;ii the age oí 21 years, liis [orgie liiimcd ibrlgihtly íor a time, but liis love for the practice of law extwigrii.slK'd 1'm'in nnd he went out Erom hiB hop to gaiin for uimself a solid standing in tibie legal proïession. ' '1'lii.s he soool aCCOmpllshed, and estal)li]ied himeell i;n the miada of the people as a safe counselor, a capable attoniey land ia man oí energy. IJui-Ouoramg tlie preparaticw) period for the praetice of ];iu, lic was collector of taxes tor a jiumher of years, also deputy sheriff. In 1SJ-ÍJ he was appototed our villag ])nstnias1 er by President P111niiiri'. In 1853 die wa.s eleoted proeecuttag attomuey tor Vashtenaw county. To accept títto offer he ï-esigmed poetmntersliip. In 1873 Jie was appointed by GrOV. Bagley, judge oí tin; 4th Judicial District of Mlclügata, eanbraclng the conntáes of "Wawliteiiaw, .Tackson and Ingtuain. This position he filled for tbree years, and the foUoWtag is a ahowtng of ii is record : At a meeting of t-he nirmbeivs ï the bar for Waetotnav eouoty, held at the court house ia the city of Ann on tlhe 30tli day of December, A. D., 1875, af ter complimentary remarks by C. Josli.n, A. .1. .Sawyer, E.' I. Kinne and .others, the followlng neeoTutioms mt unianimously adopted : Whkreas, Hon. Alexandcr p. Crane is aboiit to retire [rom the beneh of the Fourth Judicial Circviit, ou account of the expiratiou of liis terra of otiiee as Circuit Judge. aud "VVhekeas, ltseems befitting and proper thut the members of the Washteuaw County bar should exprese their eentiments and feelings toward Judge Crane upou this occasion, uow, theivfore be it 7i i!c'!, That durlng the three years of bis public service upon the benen, he hae proved hlmseU always coinpeteut for the many and ouerous duties of the otfice; and has shown bimseli au houest, upríght and lmpartial Judge. And it is further Resolved, Thut hile we regret the severing of this relation, so long and pleasautly existing between the beuch aud bar, we tender to J,udge Crane our most sincere and cordial good wishes for bis future health, welfare and happiness. and our tbanks for his uniform couvtesy and kiudness to as. Resolved, That the secretary is hereby Instructed to present a copy of these resolutious to Judge Crane. Also to furnish the county Ítapers with a copy for publication : aud that eave of tiie Court be asked for entering the same upon. the Journal after Judge Crane's successor enters upon the dutiesjof the office. In 1S61 he raised a company of 101 men tuid enteretj his conntry's seivice as their captain. The following- communication iroin the field ofíieers oí Jiis regiment give.s the ream of Jife short service : Headquarters, 4th Reg.. Mich. Inf't'y Camp Mausfield. July 26, 1861. Caft. Alexander D. Crane, Mij Dan 6'ir,- Your resiguation has been received by us with sincere regret. but we are compelled to recognize it as anecessity ovving to tbe injury to your foot being of such a permanent character as to unlit you fortne active and severe duty of an officer. It affords us great pleasure to bear testimony to your zeal aud activity as au ofricer, and your personal worth as a gentleman, and we are satisfied that among tnose vho will be actively employed in the service of their country, thére are few if any who have the welfare of'tbat country more at heart, or who would make greater aacrifices in lier behalf than yourself. With sincere regret that we are compelled to separate, aud with the most hearty and sincere wishes for your future success and welfare, we remain.fieur Sir, Your obedient servan ts, D. A. Woodberry, Col. 4th M. I. Wm. W. Duffield, Lt. Col. 4th M. I. JONATIIAX V. CHlI.DS.Mai.4tll M. I. The Judg-e's Jife 6enis to have been largely associated witih military display. His resolute cammamding tone was generally Jieai-d at the head of immense processions oí a military character from an early day. His prompt and decisive inaimer nnvde haan a valuable man. on such occasions, and severa! grovernors of the .state in au early day gave Mm important positions in tihie state militia. Among liiis papei-s Is a commisHion ïroan Gov. Bteveuis T. Mason, hearing itdie date of March 30, 1838, giving tiiim the colonelcy of the 7th Beg. of tihe -ith Brigade of the 2d Aiiother conimunicatioii from Gov. E. Kansoim, bearing date of April 29, 1848, giving him a Brigadier General coanmiesiom. And Jan. 1, 1858, a Major General commission is granted bim by Gov. Kingley S. Bingham, giving him command of the 2nd Divivsion State Mültia. His Tieefulness in the M. E. church was fully n keeping witih his sterli'ng ciharacter in his active days, doiaig witih all his might "vhat his hands foumd to do. As a -vvorker in. tlie temporáneo, he had few equate. He helped toorganize the Grand lAidge of Good Teinplars of the state of Micliig-an, and was elected its firet Grand Master. For a faithful life as a member of the llasonic fraternity, he. Ava.s iiaisurpassed, attending strictly t tbe requirements of the lodge, especially its statod sossions Uijp to tte last weeks of his life. On Febrnary (. 1830, in Detroit, Mich,., Mr. Crune was married to Nancy Sniitli who was born in Erie county, Pa. J. Martin Orane, of Grand Bapids, ie tbe only surviviug child of thi unión. Hre. died Sept. 13, 1842, amd in 1S43 he nranïed Mis. Julua A. Toppiuig, who was boroi in Germany in 1799. On June 21, 18(52, she was buri-ed, and in Feb. 1863, tue married Hellen L. Palmer, a native of New York, where she was barn April 15, 1823. She still survive.s with lier three sous, ('lias. F. Crame, of Toledo, and Geo and Steven Crane, of Dexter. Martin L. Grane, a brother 82 years of ane, oí Xovi, Mich., was nnable to attend the funeral obsequies on account of taiitng health. Tlius one by one the stnrdy pioneers oí erar county are passing away. CxMlg years siuce, the Judge helped to bury the last of those who were residente oí thi.s plací' on his arrival in 1830. These were Hon. S. W. Dexter, Dr. ( yril Niohols nnrt Somuel AV. Fostci'. Om Tuesday aiternoon, irom iiis late reedidience, was borne by (raternnl hnnds, tbe i-eiiiains oí this resolute and stnrdy pioneer, .Tudgv A. D. Crane, to ts last reeting jilace in our village cemetery, Rev. F. E. Pearce, oí tlie M. E. churcli. olliciiating.