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Making Money With A Basket

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It is really surprising, the money that Í8 made from business with baskets and barrows. As an old coster remarked to the writer the other day: "It's a fact, guv'nor, there's fortunes to be made in our business just the same as there is in any other. But yermust do two things to get it - run straight and give full weight. If a coster is known to have hls weights and measures right, why, there ain't no reason why the haristocracy shouldn't drive up to bis stall. I had a stall in the New Cut for nigh on five and twenty years. Look at me now. I made enough out er suinmer cabbages and other wegetables to give me a small pony and trap and bricg me in a hincóme of nigh on L3 a week. Well, mister, I calis that a coster's fortune." "But y er want to have yer head screwed on the right way, guv'nor," said another representative of the fustian tous, "that is, if yer want to make 'oof.' It ain't a bit o' good pitchin outside a jeweler's, or a furniture shop, or a bootmaker's. Xo, mister, it must be outside a butcher's, though grocers ain't bad, but butchers is the best, so tbat the good lady after buying her bit o' beef bas only to step outside, and there's yer flowery pertaters at four pounds for tuppens a-waiting for her and a nice 'ead o' s.ilary for a penny thrown in, to say nothing of a few apples for the l;ids by way o' dessert. Them's the costsrs wot makes money. I take as much as L5 on a Saturday alone, and I have taken L8 lOs. I do the whole thing myself ; assistants is risky, ver never know when they're going to leave


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