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The Elixir Of Youth!

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is me wortn Livino?: -(li.j' LtP]$iïÊfr ■ rN ïtls not if j'on are not ia possession of the ftdl fëS&V's-SrfË&BB Vt !" faonlties for enjoying it. We otfer to the JMBsSbiSHfc V) :- ' #=AUCiál ELIXIR OF YOUTH. VISkSSS' JSfei TÍs2tfrR A posltive, Bpeedy, safe and rellahle sclcntifl? ?v iHSL WsMfiEtyl W&r$9 conipound, manulactured only ly skille-i cbetn;:;íH8j W t V#Ï3M&WS1 oi world-wule lama. "'"fí!sá%EK!'il A. Wt,5ISHB A 11 ïBV Weguarantee this Elixir torestorotheTHallty 54í28ílalSB KJAjBIÈS! of yoaili to those who are sulte'ing the PtÍ2effiS&P! (jS' ÏSwSHH dfflfWy abuses socomniou in Una age. I'. is u ,-o-.tiva ''&rtoSiJ&i&PSS&mÊB3r ;ure for Spermatorrhea, Loss of Power, A'ight "Cii ïv. Z52? EmissionsandallBeminal Weakuess. pubt.-Mt.. .jpras i' ia ii"" lish no narnes, bat have on file sworn teilmo Biala of the wonderful resulta produced by thís elixir, which we ure nutliurlzed to show on appUcatioa 01 anyone requiring such a medicina. BE A MAN ACAIN. We charge noexhorbltantprice, nor do we offer you a quack nostrum.but a legitímate and scienttflc preparation, which will surely do all we claim for it. The Elixir is put up In 4oz boules, and retails for $1.00, or 6 for $5.00. This valuable remedy will be found on ale by all leading druggists. Each druggist has on rile sworn testimoníala ofthe wonderful cures Vieduced by this Elixir, and the proprletors oonñdently refer all In need oí It to them. The Germán Hospital. Remedy Co., Grand Rapids, Utah. For Sale by al Drnggists. C. EBERBACH Sc SONS. Agenta.


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