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Next Monday is school election. Henry B. Dodsley is taking the school census. L. Gruner has had the interior of his store repainted. Germán Day next year will be celebrated at Chelsea. Rev. Cobern will occupy the M. E. pulpit next Sunday. Work is progressing rapidlyon the new school of Music building. Quite a number of farmers are feeding ground wheat to their stock. The time on the Michigan Central was changed again last Sunday. The city has over $35,000 to its credit in the Ann Arbor Savings Bank. Justice Bennett on Saturday married Charles Moyer to Miss Ella Palmer. Prof. Emil Baur left a basket of uscious pears at the Argus office his week. J. W. Sheely & Co., of Tiffin, Ohio, have opened a tailor shop on Ann street. Dr. Charles Gatchellhas resigned lis professorship in the Homeopahic college. Mrs. Hosie has moved into the new house built by Prof. Hamilton on Fifth avenue. High school students are already arnving in the city. The school opens next Monday. Harry N. Taber, only son of H. N. Tabor, died Wednesday of tuberulosis, aged eighteen years. Frank O'Neil, a bus driver had his pockets picked of a gold watch t the Central depot, Tuesday afteroon. There are 78 descriptions of land o be sold in the sale of delinquent axes for 1891 in this county next )ecember. About 70 passengers for the World's Fair took in the Detroit Evening News excursión from this city last Tuesday. Prof. Emil Baur reports that the Barletts and Flemish Beauty pears, now getting ripe, are immense. There are very few apples. The Union meeting will be held next Sunday evening at the Baptist church. The sermón will be delivered by Rev. Mr. Bradshaw. The infant son of Mrs. Clara Taylor died Friday at the residence of its grandfather, William Taylor, of Ann Arbor town, aged five days. Gottlob Hauselmann, of Pittsfield, was thrown out of his wagon on Madison street Tuesday, while making a short turn, injuring his knee. Mrs. Clara Hudson died in Manchester at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. M. D. Case, on Thursday of last week, aged eightyfive years. The fire department was called out by a burning brush heap that was getting beyond control on the old Millen property on Washtenaw avenue yesterday. Calvin Bliss and Conrad Krapf' of this city, are the only survivors of the thirteen original abolitionists, who voted for James G. Birney for president in this city in 1840. Complaint has been made by inspector Clark against Charles Rapp and August Dupsloff for keeping hogs in the city limits. The cases are put down for today and tomorrow. Edward Cadieux and Miss Sophie Arnold were married at the residence of the bride's mother on S. Fourth avenue, Wednesday evening. They will reside at 72 S. Fourth avenue. The schools of this city cost $45,467.87 last year including $4,640 bonds and interest and the improvements made to the various buildings and the addition to the first ward building. Christian Braun, of Saline has commenced suit in the circuit court against George Sweitzer for$io,ooo damages for slander, the slander being alleged to be contained in the words, "you stole a pig trough from my father." Mr. Braun sets forth that he has always been a good and reputable citizen. Miss Sallie Southarc!, riaughter of W. S. Southarc!, died in Bellefontaine, Ohio, last Saturday, where she was visitMig with her family at their old home. She was eighteen years of age. Chief Arthur, ot the Broiherhood of Locomotive Engineers, charged with conspiracy in ordering a boycott of freight on the Ann Arbor road, has settled the case by paying $2,500, the case being dropped. James O'Connel, section boss on the Michigan Central, and his gang of men, had their dinners stole from :hem by tramps one day last week. tt will become necessary for raiiroad men to set a guard over their dinners. Rev. Mr. Young's sermón at the Union meeting in the Presbyterian church last Sunday evening on the Incarnation of Christ was a very fine one. Mr. Wilsey, with his choir of fourteen members, rendered some very fine music. Mrs. J. R. Trojanowski bas opened up a Lidies hair dressing parlor and bath room at No. 30 E. Washington street, up stairs. The bath rooms are fitted up with porcelain lined bath tubs with hot and cold water for the use of ladies only. After a protracted and heated examination, Cuyler Barton was yesterday bound over by Justice Turnbull, of Chelsea, under $2,000 bail, on the charge of burning the Hadley barns in Lyndon. Nearly the whole township were present at the examination. Cornelius Gillespie died Tuesday. He was born in New York in 1810 and carne to Michigan in 1836, settling at Stockbridge. In 1836 he married Miss Melissa White, who survives him. They removed to a farm at Geddes in 1850 and to Ann Arbor city in 1836. Miss Clara Baur, director of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, who is visiting her brother Prof. Emil Baur, thinks there is no place like Ann Arbor for healthfulness, and especially the West End. She was one of the pioneers of musical education in the west. The Ann Arbor Rifles have about completed arrangements for their annual excursión, which this year will be to the VVorld's Fair, and the round trip ticket will be about $5. The excursión will take place about the middle of September, the ticket being good for ten days. The Germán Day celebration last week in Saline was a great success, financially as well ás in numbers and enthusiasm. About $1,400 was taken in on the grounds by the society which much more than pays expenses. In fact, the celebration was the most successful one yet held in the county. Dexter has only one paper now. The material of the Dexter Leader has been sold to Vining & Co., of Wayne, and removed there this week while the list has become the property of brother Thompson of the News. Dexter now has one paper, which is all it should have, and it is a good one too. A very pleasant surprise party took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Allen on Brooks Street, last evening. There was dancing, card playing and, best of all, a bountiful supper at about midnight. The party broke up about two o'clock, the verdict of all being that a mbst enjoyable evening was spent. Edward Burke, of Northfield, died last Friday of heart and brain disease, aged sixty-two years leaving a wife and five sons. The funeral which was held at St. Patricks church, Monday, was very largely attended. Mr. Burke was hek L n very high esteem by all whó knew him and was a fine straightforward man. Rev. Henry Tatlock will be detained over Sunday in Nantucket owing to an injury sustained in the foot. The services at St. Andrew's church will consist of Morning Prayer, Litany and sermón at 10:30 a. m. and Evensong at 5. p. m., the Rev. J. M. B. Sill ofnciating. The Holy Communion will be postponed until Sunday September ioth at 10:30 a. m. when it is hoped that the rector will be present. The residence of Victor Strong on Oxford street, was burgiarized just before noon on Saturday by three tramps who rnadeoff with a revolver, a watch chain and #7.65 in money. The sheriff was not notified until six o"clock. The tramps had six hours start so that it was impossible I with the number of tramps in the country to capture the thieves. Services will be resumed at the Unitarian church on September 10, instead of September 3. The postponement is occasioned by the necessary absence of Rev. Mr. Sunderlaud, who has to be at Grand Rapids to assist in the installation of Rev. H. Digby Johnston, who has just been called to the pastorate of the Unitarian church in that city. Washtenaw is honored with a large number of vice presidents for the Michigan days at the World's Fair, September 13 and 14. The following is the list of Washtenaw vice presidents: Ex-Governor Alpheus Felch, Congressman J. S. Gorman, President James B. Angelí, Judge Thomas M. Cooley. Mrs. James B. Angelí is one of the lady vice presidents. Ex-Gov. Felch has been put on the programme for a short address. The Detroit and Cleveland Steam Navigation Company's new steamers City of Alpena and City of Mackinac are nowin commission, making four trips per week between Detroit, Mackinac Island, Chicago and way ports. Fare, Cleveland to Mackinac and return, including meals and berths, $20.00; Toledo, $14.50; Detroit, $13.50. Low Rates to Chicago. Write for illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. Schantz, G. P. A., Detroit, Mich. Dr. A. C. Kellogg died at his residence in the fifth ward last Saturday afternoon. He was born in Pittsfield township in 1854 and received his education in the district and Ann Arbor schools. He studied medicine with his father, Dr. D. B. Kellogg, who originated Kellogg's Family Remedies and succeeded him in their manufacture. He was married to Miss Carrie Lovejoy, who survives him. He had a reputation as an upright and honest man. The funeral services were held Monday afternoon. Last Monday night while one of the motormen on the Street railway was endeavoring to make the last train on the Michigan Central, having only seventeen minutes from the Washtenaw avenue end of the line, so that the car was going at its highest speed through Main street, a young man ran out about ten feet ! ahead of the car and laid doWn across ] the track. The motorneer instantly reversed the car, turning it back to the strongest reverse power and just succeeded in stopping the car in time, when the young man arose, gave him the laugh and made off. He was intoxicated. 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