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Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price

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■ CURE Ecï Beadache Rna relieve all the trouM9 JflCÏ Sent to a bilioua Btate of the sjstem, snoh a3 Dtaiiiess, Nausea, DrowsinesB, Distress aiter Stlng. Pn in the SIde, &o. While theil mos teiaaiïable euccess haa been shown ia curing , SÏCK JBeiaache, yet Oarter's Llttla Llver Pffli aM equally valnable in Constipation, curing and preventing thiaannoyinccomplaint, while they alao correct all disordersoïtheBtomachtimulatetha Jlver and regúlate the bowelfl. Even ii they onll HEAD i Acl'6 they wonld be slmoi t prioeless to those wha niíeríromthlfldistressingcomplaint; buttortnnately theircoodneBSdoea notend here,andthoeo irtiooncetry them will nnd these litüe pilla toIuible Jn bo many ways that they will not bojfUHing todo without them. But after allalck beul fíe the toane of so many Uvea that here fa whera wemakeourgreatboaat. Our pilla cure itwhüa '"rterTtttle Liver Pffls are very small ana Tery easy to take. One ortwo pilla make adose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or puree, butby their gentle action pleaseaU who Lethem. In víais at 25 cents; flveforfl. Bola by druggits everywlieie, or sent by maü. iiiDTFP ucmriuF so.. Nw York.


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