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Moran's Answer To The Register Publishing Company

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In the issue of the Anti Arbor Register this week, S. A. Moran has something to say concerning the suit brought against him by the Register Publishing Company. He says it is really the suit of two members of the board against the third member and avers that the charges took seven months to concoct. He says his answer is full and complete and makes this strong charge: It is, so far as. we are able to ascertain, firmly believed, by everybody who is familiar with all the facts in the case and who is not directly interested in the scheme of the two complainants, that the charges were gotten up for the specific purpose of diverting the attention of the public from the actions of the aforesaid directors in their efforts to take vantage of the present stringency of the times, when a business like this would not, upon a forced sale, bring ten cents on the dollar, and of a technicality of the law which gave them the power, to gain possesion, at their own figure, of a business vvorth from $25,000 to 30,000, and in which neither of the complainants now has, or ever has had, an interest of more than a few hundred dollars. It appears as if, in order to make sure after having made an assignment, so as to forcé the business to a sale during these hard times, that only certain persons would bid upon it, the property was, at the same time it was assigned, burdened with an expensive lawsuit, which would naturally repel prospective purchasers.


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