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The Condition Of Our Schools

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Supt. Perry made a very interesting reporr of the public schools this year from which the following extract is taken: The flrst item of such a report naturally concerns the facts of attendance ; and as helping to interpret som e of these facts two census items of the city are here introduced. Populatiou of the school district, esti mated, 10,000. School population betweeu 5 and 20 years, 3,036. STATISTÍCS OP THE SCHOOLS. The above table shows a total increase of 151 in enrollmentover that of the preceding Vear. Of this increase 112 were in the primary grades, 7 in the grammar grados, and 32 in the High School. In the first grade 217 had not previously been in any school, and of these 115 were only five years of age. The increase in the Primary Department for the past two years, amounting to 231, has made unusual, demanda upon our school accomodations. cept one room in the 5th ward, not available, every echoolroom iu the city, besides one rented room, has been occupied, while some of themhave been too much crowded all the year. By employing cadet assistants in sucli rooms the classes have been carried through with reasouable success. It is evident that the addition to the first ward building was decided upon none too soon. It is fin honor for any pupil (as it is also for his teacher) to maintain an unbroken attendance for a whole year; henee we print annually the naines of sucli pupils as have been neither absent nor tardy during the preceding year. That list is as follows : niGH SCHOOL. Lewis Allmendinger, Christian Allmendinger, Perry Biggs, Barbara Burt, Paul Cheever, Henry Gelston, Cornelia Koch, Louise Law, William L. Mack, Roger Morris, Carrie Schaffer, George Schaffer, Louise Weinman, L. P. Eay Willoughby. For two years - Rose Andress, Minnie Caldwell, Emilie Eberbach, Victor E. Kurtz, Olaaf G. Peterson, John Smoots, Anna G. Shannon, Pauline Wurster. For six years - Edward R. Muehlig. EIGHTH GRADE. Erwin Brown, AVilliam Engelhard, Emily Graf, Dora M) Tice, Emily Weinman. For tico years - Sidney Martin, Oscar Weitbrecht. FIRST Y.RD SCHOOL. Olga Bessinger, John Burkhardt, Mark Clieever, Pearl Cady, Annie Ehnis, HaroUl Howe, Eudolph Kiesselbach, Mary Scott, Austin Seott, Irving Schleede. For two years- George Frey, Fannie Keisselbach, sëcoxd WAfiB SCHOOI.! Ruth Allmendinger, Minnie Behneke, Harry Colé, Rose Fischer, Ernest Frey, Rudolph Glatzel, Adele Glatzel, Arthur Gakle, August Kowalski, Emily Lutz, Helena Mayer, Annie Martin, Charlotte Walker. For two years- Joseph Fischer, Emily Kauske, Louisa Kauska, Lydia Schleyer, Eugene Sinke. TIIIRD WARD SCHOOL. Carrie Burchfield, Martin Adamscheck. FOURTH WARD SCHOOL. William Burleson, Erfie Godfrey, Anua Hafer, Ethel Orr, Ralph Perrine, John Steeb, Stephen Schaible, Isaphine Salyer, Osear Walter, Osear Wurater. 7or two years - Alice Schall. FIFTH WAKD SCHOOL. Rosa Brown, Simeón Carson, Frank Sharpe, Mildred Ware. For two years- Hattie Carson.