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A creamery is being talked up at Whittaker. Mrs. John Eschelbach, of Freeclom, died suddenly August 31. There are 272 children of school age in the Saline unión district. Mrs. Silas Loomis, of Sylvan Center, died August 30, aged nearly 90 years. The Chelsea Lutheran church celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary next Sunday. Miss Maud Flagler is teaching the fall term of school on Collins' plains, Lyndon. The assessed valuation of the property in the Saline union school district is $511,450. A. J. Sangree died in Pittsfield, August 21, the result of a fall sustained some days before. Mrs. Henry Neiderschmidt died in Chicago, August 23, of typhoid fever. Her maiden name was Miss Rena Farrell, and she formerly lived at Chelsea. John Brady died at the Early hotel, Wednesday, aged about sixty years. About three weeks ago he drank, through mistake, some poisonous mixture, which resulted in his death. - Milan Leader. Several hen roosts have recently been robbed in Grass Lake and the News says the thief is well known having been engaged in the business for years, possibly since he got his first taste of chicken by receiving one on subscription. Mrs. Christian Braun died at her home near Saline last Thursday, aged 53 years. She was born in Germany, coming to this country in 1869. The following year she was married to Mr. Braun. She leaves a husband, three sons and two daughters. Erastus S. Cooper of Sylvaii was in town on business last Tuesday. He says the bean erop will only average from sixto eight bushels per acre. Occasionally a field is found which will yield ten bushels per acre, but such crops are rare. - Grass Lake News. Frederick Kotts, an aged Germán who lives near Iron Greek, was walking on the railroad track north of town, Tuesday afternoon, when the three o'clock train struck him or he feil and was bruised quite badly. The train was stopped and lic was picked up and brought to town. - Clintun Local. School commenced Monday in Chelsea with the following teachers: Mr. E. E. Webster, superintendent; Miss Angeline Sherwood, preceptress; Miss Nettie Storms, Miss Elizabeth Depew, Miss Cora Bowen, Miss Dora Harrington, Miss Mara L. Wheeler, Miss Maty Van Tyne, and Miss Sarah Van Tyne. Tuesday morning Josie, the eleven-year-old daughter of Geoage Semark, was playing with a rope, at either end of which was tied a pet sheep. She was leading them to pasture and in some way her foot became entangled in the rope and she was thrown down, breaking her hip. Dr. Tuttle was called and reduced the fracture, and the patiënt is doing nicely. - Clinton Local. C. G. Slimmer, who at heart and by inelination is a Grass Lake man, but who Iets on that he thinks Delhi is a veritable saints retreat on earth, was in town Tuesday shaking hands with everybody. Slimmer has piles of friends here, and whenever his fairy form looms up on our streets, he is sure of a cordial greeting with an urgent request to come oftener and stay longer. - Grass Lake News. Detroit is now claiming over 300,000 population, and this stimulates Chelsea to rise up and say she has i,573 counting the last one born. - [Adrián Times. A Chelsea man at our elbow says the above figures do his town great injustice. Counting the two suburbs of Dexter and Jerusalem Mills, Chelsea places her populace in round numbers at 7000. - [Grass Lake News. And counting in its Grass Lake suburb it may reach 7,500. Luke Moulton, well known in this part ot tne country as a quarrelsome man when whiskey is in and his senses on a vacation, was in town last Saturday with his paint pail and brushes and painted a portion of the town at least a bright crimson shade. In the course of events; evolving from his irnbibing strong drink, he batted a stranger in the mouth, causing a copious flow of blood; whereupon the stranger quelled his assailant's attack by drawing a revolver on him. The stranger, Mr. Bartholomew, of ron, Ohio, then accompanied the marshal to the office of Justice James Doyle, where a warrant was issued for the arrest of Moulton. Moulton in the meantime got wind of what was going to happen and went home. That, however, only deferred matters. Monday inoruing he was arrested and brought before Justice Doyle, where he pleaded guilty and was fined $2 5 and costs. - Milan Leader. The case has been appealed to the circuit court. It is now Capt. M. T. Woodrufï. The editor of the Sentinel will appear in war toggery on state occasions. A lodge of Ladies of the Maccabees was organized in Saline, August 30, with eighteen charter members. The first officers are: Past Lady Com., Mrs. Hebron Rogers; Com. , Mrs. William Derindinger; Lieut. Com., Mrs. Eugene Allen; Sergeant, Mrs. O. Lamkin; Record Keeper, Mrs. F. E. Jones; Finance Keeper, Mrs. Rob Cullen; Master at Arms, Eva Schaffer; Chaplain, Mrs. John Gates; Sentinel, Mrs. W. Rogers; Picket, Mrs. W. Mead. John Lawson sola a bilí of goods Tuesday night that he will probably never get any pay for. The party did not want to make any trouble so put them up himself while Mr. L. was out, and not having a key pushed up a back window and went in that way. The bill consisted of about 40 to 50 lbs. of pork, 15 or 20 doz. of eggs, syrup and other groceries, and perhaps other things that would not be missed out of a large stock, also a dollar or so in small change. Mr. Lawson hasn't them charged to any one as they were careful not to leave