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Formula For Letter Writing

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After a breezy disquisition on "How a Woman Writes a Letter" a London journal sums up its hints and suggestions in the followicg: "Recipe: Take a sheet of paper and pen and ink. Be sure you know to whom you are goinji to write the some people are a little vague in this matter. Let the address and date be at the top, for this shows a good cook - I mean scribe - who has her mind as well as her materials at hand. Begin with some usual formula of address. Add in 2 parts of family news, 2 parts of answers, 2 parts of genuine and kind inquiries; mix withalighthand. Add gradually 6 parts of odds and ends, well beaten up, such as weather, dress - this is naturally a large and valuable item - personal remarks and so on, not forgetting the inevitable gossip, which must be sugnred and sifted in lightly at the last. Finish up and take careto add a P. S. after the signature, for like a tail to a kite this balances the whole concern. It is in the P. S. that woman's individuality is charrningly shown to the greatest advantage. "The size of the letter, the length of each part and the choice of words must be left to the writer's feelings, but care must ba taken to put in all the 12 ingredients. Then place it in au envelope, and serve hot - that ís, send it off to the right address by the next post. As a million letters a year are posted in London with no address, this final warning does not seem to be amiss."


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