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Amusement For A Child

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My mother used to seat me before a table in a ratker high chair, give mea long, shallow tin pan, a little seive or gravy atrainer and about two pounds of common table salt in another tin dish. I then proceeded to have a miniatura Bnowstorru by sifting the salt upon the long tin, in some places piling it high in drifts. I was fortúnate in having among my toys a "farmyard," consisting of a little house, some wooden trees and al] kinds of animáis. These I distributed about in my field of snow, making paths through the drifts and building pens for the animáis. A handf ui of wooden toothpicks will suffice tolnake fenoes, wood piles, etc., and a tiny mirror or bit of looking glass serves as a bêautiful ice pond in the midst of the flelds. The "farmyard" of course is not necessary. Green leaves will serve for trees, and a log cabin can be made of little bits of


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