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A Strange Case

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;' HB fis Sr _gfi?KHnSv?r ■ . iV ; How an Enemy was Foiied. The followinsf graphic statement will ne rend with intense interest: "lcannotdescribe thenumb.creepysensationtbau visicil In my arms, hands andlegs. I had to rub arici tnose parts unlilthey were sore, to ovcrc In a moasure the dead feeling that had taken possession oí them. In additinrc, I had i strange weakness ia my back and arounchmy waist, togetber with au tndescrlbabie 'gonu' feeling In my stomach. Physician wascreeping paralysis, from which, according to their universal conclusión, thore Ls nc relief. Once it fastens upon a persou, they say, it continúes its:insldious progress untfl ít reaches a vital point and the sutforor dli -. Sucli was my prospect. I had been doctot ïng a year and a half st.eadily, but with no particular benefit, when I saw an advertisoment of Dr Miles' Restorative Nervine, procurta a liottle atid began using it. Marvelous as it rnav seem, but a few dayshad passed before every bit of that creepy feeling had left me, and there has not been even the slightest indlcation of its return. I non foei as well as I ever did, and have gained ten pounds in weight, though I had run down From 170 to 137. Four others have used Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine on my recomendation, and it bas been as aatisfacfory in tueir r:ti's as in mine." - James Kane, La Kue, O. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine issold by all druggists on a positive guarantee, r sent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind., on receipt of price, SI per bottle, si bottles for 35, express prepaid. It is free froio ooiates or dangerous drugs. Sold bv Druggists Everywhere.


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