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Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price

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teARTER'S1 CURE Rei Heaaache and relieve all the tronblss Inei ent to a bilious state of tho systora, Buoh &3 Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress after eating, pain in the Sido, &o. Whila their most remarkablo succeso has been showa ia cmiEg , S1CK Eeadacho, yet Carter's Little Llver Pillfl srs Gqually valuable in Constipation, curing andpra venting thisannoyingconiplaint,-while thoy alao correct all disorders of the stomacntimulate tha liver and regúlate the bowels. Even ii the j onl j MEAD lAclietheywcraWbealmoBtpricelesstothosewha Iftuííer fromthiadistressingcomplaint; but forra ; jjately their goodness does noteud here,and thosa . who once try thera will flnd these little pills valu. ableinsomanywaysthatthey will not be wilJiDg todo without thera. Bat af ter allsick hoiij ACHE fis the bane of so roany Uves that here fa Trheia i we mak e our great boast. Oar pilla cure it whila Others do not. I Carter's Little Llver Pllls are very small and 'Tery easy to taie. One or two pills makea dose. They are strictly vegetable aud do not gripe OT purge, but by their gentle action please all wha Dsethem. In vialsat 25 cents; flvefor$l. Sold by dr uggiats eveiywbere, or sant by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO.. New York.


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