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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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1 he supenntendant of the Washtenaw poor house has resigned, feeling that to be prince of paupers, is at best, a kind of dubious glory. The editor of the Dexter Leader, upbraids people who go late to church. Newspaper men should be careful about making statements upon heresay. Win. McCreery, of Ann Arbor, has cut down 600 of his peach trees, on account of the "yellows." Such luck is enough to give a peach grower the jaundice. George Flowers, of Ann Arbor, isinjail again, fordrunkenness - sent up by Justice Pond. .Flowers is a sort of Pond lily it seems; but he should take more to water. Miss Mabel Moore, of Dexter, returning from Texas, brought along a five-foot rattlesnake skin. There is a young lady who does not climb the fence and scream when she sees something moving io the grass. Saline saw the largest population Thursday last week, that her borders ever contained. It was Germán day, "and the Dutch took Holland." Mr. Suekey delivered an address and the Ann Arbor Rifles contributed their presence. Tight-lacing of tne finances has pinched the corset stay factory of Ypsilanti, till it is out of breath and will rest a short time. The underwear factory is in full operation, and will stay in the field as long as there's a shirt to its back. Twenty-four dollars of the cash taken from under, the pillow of Lieut. J. P. Kirk, of Ypsilanti, at the encapraent, has been found in the purse of one of Africa's down trodden sons - one Edward's who has been arrested. The colored troop fought nobly. A Plymouth correspondent of the Ypsilanti Sentinel exploits one Al. Gayde, of Plymouth, as a young man of many admirers among thé fair, declairing that he has won the esteem "by being as courteous and polite as the ghost of Lord Ch'esterfield." Does he wear russet shoes with evening ftull dress ? Robert Sherwood, of Superior, will be examined in Ypsilanti, charged with stealing sheep. We hope the accusation against Mr. Sherwood is not true, although we never saw him, and as far as we know he is not related to us. But a man who will steal sheep this year with wool where it is under the blessed law of St. McKinley, is a nasty, mean thing. The Dexter Leader knows of an old bachelor who appeared on the shore of Portage Lake one evening where some ladfes were bathingclad in the spotless robes of the first woman, and though entreated to retire, he refused, and was set upon and ducked by the fairies, who, after nearly drowning him, let him escape. The only thiug about this narrative that dampens our joy, is the firm conviction thatjt is a lie. MUM Every pathmaster in the county ought to be fined for not removing the stones from the highways as the law requires. - Chelsea Cor. Argus. That is right. In Latin phrase, "sock et iu urn!" They're not only guilty of violating a state statute but the divine law, by which they are commanded to "cast up a highway and gafher up the stones." They'll "get it" in the future, of coursej but we can't wait. Prosecute them. Neighbors andfriends to the number of thirty, comprising the progressive young men of Superior township, Washtenaw county, recently planned and executed a surprise upon Tom Cowan, of the same township, and presented him with a rich suit of clothing. Possibly it might have been a little fantasticfor a fellow of Tom 's plain appearance, he being tall, lank, bald, with a scraggy hedge of red festooning the región of the cerebellum and sponded to, by the chin, with Iong, cow-red or light bay whiskers. His friends met him out-door, removed his every-day suit to the last rag, spread on his new undershirt with a paddie and spanked him with it, to revive his silence when he grew vocal or demonstrative. Tom's baldness also disappeared, and in its place there grew a luxuriant erop of feathers; and feathers also adorned his body. That was the kind of a "rooster" he was when his friends bade him good night, not forgetting to first anoint his whiskers thoroughly with the "dye" and tie his hands. Cowan had held a drunken orgie with neighbor Mulholland, who was also drunk. Mulholland brutally beat his wife, and'Cowan encouraged him. The woman lies in bed in a precarious situation frem kicks and blows. Her breasts and' abdomen are horribly bruised by kicks from Mulholland's boots. She has a youngchild. Mulholland has disappeared, but when he returns he will learn that his geography of heil is at fault, in locating the institute of the damned wholly in the next world.


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