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Th er e is no use trying to dodge the fact that quinine will not ahvays cure malaria. While it is doubtless true that laTge doses of quinine or some other derivative of Calisaya bark wil! cure more cases of chills and fever than any other drug, it is equally certain that in chronic malaria it is, in a majority of cases, a flat failure. In every malarious dis-' trict there are thousands of people who continually take quinine and yet cohtinually have more'orless frequent attacks of malaria. These facts nead no argument. Every person who lives in a malarious locality knows them to be true. A remedy capable of curing these cases of chronic malaria that quinine will not relieve would be a great blessing to humanity and produce a genuine sensation in medical circles. This is exactly wbat the remedy - Pe-ru-na - will do. It cures all those oíd and stubborn cases of chronic malaria that have taken quinine perhaps for years without result. A thorough course of Pe-runa is sure to remove the malarial poison from the system. A publication containing the latest information concerning the nature and prigin of malarial poison and the cure of malaria in all its forms is being sent to malarial sufferers in all parts of the civilized world by The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company of Columbus, Ohio. It will be sent free to any address for a limited time.


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