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IS YOUR BLOOD IMPURB? A1-3 you suffering from any Kidney or Female Complaint? Have you a Cougth, Cold or any disease of Throat, Chest or Lungs ? Ie your LivTer performing its functions properly? If you have any of these complaints It will certainly pay you to try the medicines mentionecl below. which are varranted. A REMARKABLE CURE. n , messks. foley & co., Chicago. ímic 5arsapariía Gentlemen :- I had a scrofulouo taint of tlie blood from childhood. An uioor began on tiio sideof the nose, havintr all tlie ajpe;i ranees of a Thí? ITIOSÍ DOWerful Blood most malúraant cáncer, became nbout the size of r a silver dollar and ezxided a thin, ofíensive Cleansei. ter. The agony of niind I sniïered cannot be described asi contemplatad the progress of the disease. . I was induced to try tho Clinic Sarsaparilla ; it appeared to neutralizo the poison in the ". iy. " blood, tho ulcer eeased. The diseased tissues E Jcf (Llinif V liltiPV (. y!1tf in the bottom and edites of the soro seemed to " 'Iil114' IVIUIlCy Ure looseu and the natural ílesh to take its place. Thus the euro continued until an even surface Warrin+aA fnr ill l'IHno.T remained. No part of the dlseasa remains. VVarraniea lor all KlOney Mas. H. B. Adams, Primnliintc 1009 WaWh Ave., Chicago. OmpiainiS. SUFFERED 27 YEARS. Mr. G. A.Stillson, a merclinnt of Tampico, III., writes, August lOth, 1S91: Z . , E_J , 'T wesses. foleï & co. _ F'oley s noney and laf Gentlemen : - Your Kidney Cure is meeting J J with wondertul snecess. It has cured somo fnttrri Ü.t.Tfttr cases hero tluit physicians pronoiméed incurwOLïïi oVriip able. I, tnyself, im able to testify to its merits. My facoto-day is a livinff picture of hcalth, and ... , , _ your Kidney Cure has made itsuch. I bad sufWarranted the Best. fered twenty-seven years with the disease, and to-day I feel ten years yonuger than I did one year ago. I can ootain some wonderful certiñcates of its medical qualities. what a phísTcIan says. Hclev's Haniilv Pilis Agnew, Ottawa Co., Mioh., Feb. 1 !, 1S93. Foley & Co , Chicago. c - ,. '. ,. , Gentlemen:- Piease soiid aic sis dozen Honey ror ConstipatlOn, Headand Tur at once, i wül say tha( - ithi , , n... p:ist twomo,. acne and Biliousness. of Pneumonía, in al] oí ! [have i ■: youi t-v . Honeya: . . . Does not gripe. ::'.;, J. C. 1 AOCEPf MO èUESTITlITE OR THE8S SP1.EMDID MEDICINES. Thsj; medis'.jea ing físaí-class firms who aro authorised ío r - .i '. Bassett & nrason, Ann Arbor, Lynch & Co.,Mancliester, Kobert H. Killian, Ypsilantl, Will Curlett, lexter, S. D. Chapiu, Salem, C. F. Unterkircher, Saline, F. W. Schoen, Manchester, M. S. Davenport, York, J. W. Abbott, Whittaker, 1. W. Cook, Faltón, II. W. Ballard, Willis, Dodge & Son, Whiimore Lake. J. C. Frye & Co., Emery, J. T. Berry, Worden.


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