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D. F. Schairer is ia New York city. Delos Hill went to Chicago this week. H. M. Taboj leaves today for Dakota. William Allaby, sr., is visiting in Chicago. Miss May Muma is visiting in Chicago. George Clarken left for Chicago, Tuesday. Miss Blanche Barney is teaching in Saginaw. Pfof. W. H. Pettee is doing the World's Fair. Miss Emma Bower was in Big Rapids this week. F. H. Belser and family spent Sunday in Detroit. Secretary James H. Wade is in Chicago this week. John T. Swathel has removed to South Main street. Marshal McOmber, of Philadelphia, is in the city. Prof. George Knight has returned to Columbus, Ohio. Emanuel Spring is visiting the exposition in Chicago. Ambrose Kearney left for Chicago, Tuesday morning. Miss Grace Moore returned from Port Huron, Saturday. Prof. Calvin Thomas and family are back from the east. Prof: H. C. Adams left for Washington, D. C, Saturday. Mrs. Victoria Morris and family are back from Old Mission. D. F. Allmendinger returned yesterday from the Chicago fair. John Martin and Dean Seabolt are visiting the World's Fair. Prof. and Mrs. Charles E. Greene are home from the sea-shore. Miss Mary Lohr, of Packard St., left Tuesday to visit the Fair. JMr. and Mrs. Joseph Stimson have gone to Los Angeles, Cal. Mrs. M. C. Peterson and son are among the World's Fair visitors. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Clark, of Kalamazoo, are at J. C. Handy's. Mrs. Frank Paul and family leave today for their home in Montreal. Aid. and Mrs. H. G. Prettyman left Tuesday for the World's Fair. Mrs. John Armbruster and daughter retarned Monday from Chicago. Miss Hattie Haviland has gone to Bay City to take apositionas teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barth are visiting the World's Fair this week. Dr. and Mrs. James Martin returned from Chicago, Wednesday. W. J. Booth and B. G. Crookston left for the World's Fair, Tuesday. Rev. and Mrs. C. Scott Williams are visiting their father, J. O. Williams. Francis Stofflet took in the-Evening News excursión to Chicago this week. John Walz and daughter, Mrs. Kate Stoll, are visiting the Exposition. Mrs. Henry S. Dean. and Miss Clara Dean are back from Old Mission. Mrs. Heneage Gibbes and daughter have returned from St. Clair Flats. Miss Eda Schleede returned from her trip to the World's Fair and Niles. Mrs. H. J. Mann and Miss Maria Otto left for the World's Fair, Wednesday. Rev. Mrs. George Vernor and daughter left for the White City, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Binder, of Detroit, spent Sunday here with rerelatives. H. B. Haines, of Duray, Colorado, has returned to the telephone exchange. Dr. D. A. MacLachlan has removed his residence to No. 14 South State street. Miss Charlotte Hutzel who has been visiting in Saginaw, has returned home. Mrs. W. W. Watts and Miss Hattie Benham are visiting relatives at Wayne, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Tayldr, of Trenton, N. J. have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. Stofflet. Miss Emma Alexander leaves today for Northville, where she is engaged as teacher. Miss Margaret Weiss, of Jackson, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Eugene Oesterlin. Robert Gerner returned Monday from his visit to the Fair and trip around the lakes. Hugh R. Jenkins returned Tuesday from a two months' visit in Jackson and Owosso. Prof. and Mrs. George Hem pi, Prof. and Mrs. J. E. Reighard left for Chicago Tuesday. Col. and Mrs. H. S. Dean left Monday for the G. A. R. encampment at Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Thompson, left Wednesday, on the North Shore Limited for the west. Judge and Mrs. Goddard, of Denver, Colorado, are visiting Hon. and Mrs. William G. Doty. Mr. and Mrs. George Dengler were called to Chicago, Friday evening, by the death of an aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Werner, of Stuttgart, Germany, have been visiting their cousin, F. Pistorious. Misses Minnie and Lizzie Kemper and Lillie Fields returned Monday from a two weeks visit in Chicago. Miss Nellie Wiltsie, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. P. R. de Pont, returned to Chicago, Tuesday. Prof. V. M. Spaulding left Friday evening for New York city to take a steamer for Europe. He will be absent a year. Prof. Emanuel Schmid and daughters, of Columbus, Ohio, and Miss Julia and Emma Volz, of Buf. falo, N. Y., have been visiting Miss Sophie Schmid. Miss Marian Bankson, of the Robinson Crusoe Company, spent last week with Mildred Olp. She returned Monday to join the company in Toledo. Miss Matie and Lydia Schlenker, of Toledo, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lohr on Packard street. They are on their way to Carthage, 111., where they attend college. Mrs. M. Scotten, of "9S East Washington street, and sister Miss M. M. Smith, of 45 Liberty street, and the Misses Brown, of Liberty street, left for the World's Fair, Tuesday.


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