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Two Masked Men In Bridgewater

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Two masked men obtained entrance into the house of Mrs. Peter Blumhardt, of Bridgewater township who lives about a mile from Bridgewater station on the Saline anc Manchester road. Mrs.' Blumhardt lives alone with a little eleven year old girl and was greatly alarmed when awakened by the men who presented revolvers and asked where her husband was. She faltered out the words that she was a widow. They, then, demanded her money but were told that she had none. They rummaged the house and sampled the canned fruit in the cellar. Leaving the frightened woman, they stole her buggy and going to Michael Alber's barn stole his horse and drove away. The horse was found the next morning on the streets of Ypsilanti walking about without a driver. The harness had been turned wrong end to in hitching the horse and the thills of the carriage were broken. The thieves had also put up the side curtains wrong side out. They are supposed to have been two tramps who were seen walking along the railroad which runs near Mrs. Blumhardt's house. One of them addressed her in Germán. They got out of the county without detection.


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