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Death Of A Valuable Ypsilanti Horse

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Barney Wilkes, sire of Wilkie Knox, 2:103, dropped dead in the eighth heat of the 2:30 trot at Windsor yesterday afternoon. Barney Wilkes had won the first two heats in this race on Tuesday, and in the third he lost a scalper, hitting himself and failing to land the money in straight heats, which 4ie doubt less should have done in the company. The last heat on the first day of the race found him unsteady and it was thought that the blooc would teil and he would go out anc win it when asked yesterday. He did not act well, however, and after finishing fifth once and third twice he scored down for the fatal eighth heat. Going by the wire level anc true, he still looked good for a piece of the money if he did not take the first división, but just after climbing the turn he faltered momentarily then plunged and feil, unseating bu not injuring the driver, who at onc hastened to the horse. Help wes out of the question, and a few convulsions took all of the Strength and life out of this promising horse. A crowd soon gathered, and when the limbs had straightened in death Mr, Gale, the manager of the estáte to wh'ich the horse belonged, ordered the body taken from the track. It is likely that death was caused by a ruptured blood-vessel in the brain, and an-examination will be made to find out what killed the valuable animal. The horse was bred in 1884 by ex-Secretary of the Navy Tracy, at Lexington, and his register number is 3060. He was by Red Wilkes, dam Avalanch by Administrator, granddam Tornado Belle, 2:30, by Young Tornado. He passed to G. W. Gale, of Ypsilanti, where he has stood for some years, beingused in the stud rather than on the track. He has sired a number of colts, but few of which have been tracked, and he first carne into promince as a sire through Wilkie Knox's mile in 2:17 last year, and his race mile in 2:10 at Chicago last week. There is a filly at Ypsilanti now by Barney Wilkes they say is much faster than Wilkie Knox ever dared at three years. The estáte valued the stallion at 20,000, and the blow is a severe one, as he was just coming into prominence as a sire, besides showing that he is a


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