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Washtenaw At The World's Fair

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John Cook, of Milan. J. D. Abbott, of Wittaker. John W. Barley, of Dexter. Charles Arnold, of Ypsilanti. Fred Mahrle, of Bridgewater. George Torrey, of Manchester. Miss Jessie Foley, of Ypsilanti. Lottie Schlicht, of Bridgewater. Miss Ida Aichele, of Manchester. Frank Showerman, of Ypsilanti. Miss Hattie Ruthrurf, of Ypsilanti. Lester and Enoch Yost, of Ypsilanti. Miss Hettie Carleton, of Ypsilanti. William H. Schlicht, of Bridgewater. Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Sackett, of Dexter. Fred! and William Weinmann, of Ypsilanti. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Vedder, of Whittaker. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Martin, of Bridgewater. Elmer Allen and Gordon Burke, of Ypsilanti. Misses Maggie and Nora Murphy, of Ypsilanti. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Forsythe, of Stony Creek. , Philip Blum, jr., and George Eton, of Lodi. Evert Maid and Lee Yeckley, of Ypsilanti town. Mrs. R. W. Hemphill and daughter, of Ypsilanti. Thomas Redman and Charles Dentón, of Milán. Mrs. H. H. Webb and Mrs. Fred Johnson, of Pittsfield. E. R. Dancer, Alfred Glenn anc Max Moon, of Chelsea. C. B. Isbell and daughter, Mrs W. H. Sweet and Fred Robison, o Saline. Misses Nellie SIoan.Minnie Green Edith Warren and Cora Wurster, o Dexter. Frank Lennon, Charles Martin Austin Warren and Harry Pratt, o Dexter. Mrs. A. J. Leetch, Mrs. Van Tuyl, Gus Fingerle and H. J. Van Tuyl, of Ypsilanti. Miss Cora Darling, Miss Stella Harris, W. Wayne, Bert Darling anc Leroy Butts, of Willis. Mrs. Thos. McNamara, Mrs. Sullivan and Misses Francés Neuberger, Alice and Kate Gorman and Josie McGuire, of Chelsea. Mrs. 'Eva Doyle, Mrs. Lucy Pierce, Mrs. David Campbell, Mrs Kate Sherman, Mrs. Caleb Ealon and Miss Mary Gilbert, of VVhittaker. Mrs. F. J. Swaine and daughter, Mrs. Anna George, Mrs. F. W. Johnson and son, Miss Moore, S. Barnard, M. Cremer, C. S. Wortley and family, Mrs. ]. P. Deubel and daughter, Mrs. Jerome Allen and daughters Mabel and Maud, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Davis, ot Ypsilanti. Moses J. Howe and son Moses J. Jr., E. T. Howe, James H. Galloway and wife, Mrs. McManus, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Reeves, J. Henry Ford, A. A. Aiston, Edgar W. Mead and wife and són Clifford and daughter Minnie, Clark Turner, John VV. Parks and wife, A. W. Hardy and wife, Fred G. Hasley, Mrs. M. T. (Cnowles and son Curtis, P. E. Palmer, of Milan. Robert Killian and wife, Ida and i,ucy Killian, Miss Martha Williams, O. A. Ainsworth and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fingerle, Mrs. Leetch, Mrs. L. E. Childs, Mrs. H. Van Tuyl, Harry Van Tuyl,. Mrs. Johnson, of Detroit, Frank Johnson, D. 7raser, L. E. Champlain and wife, tf. B. Trim and family, Matt.Stein, Dr. Post and wife, Frank and Chas. rnold, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Huil, . Yost, and Hon. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti.


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