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The Elixir Of Youth!

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ís Llíe Wortn L! vino?. ïtisnotifj'ouarenot In possession of the feil faculties for enjoying it. We otfer to ihe public a true aud trusty ïemedy, ths ELIXER OF YOUTH. A positive, speedy, gafe and rellahle scientifl? compuund, manufacturad ouly !y sUlllod obemists, lroin thepresonpiion oiaGsmianphysioian oí world-wldo iame. We guaraatee this Elixir to restore the vltalüy of youih u thosa wt wre surïc-:!'. th aimsessocomiuou in this ac". I i ". ,-oá:tlve ome for Spermatorrhea, Lora ol Power, - ight Ernissions aud all tíeniiual WValí uss. W' pub lish nonamts, but have on file sworn lesiini nlals of the wonderful results produced by this elixir, wliich we are auihonzed to'aUO'V or application oí aayone requlnng such a medicine, BE A MAN ACAIN. We charge no exhorbltant prlce, nor do we offer you s quack nostrum.but a legitímate and selenttflc preparation, rhlch will surely do all we claim for it. The Elixir is put up Ín 4oz bolües, and retailsíor J1.00, or6ior 85. (JO. Tina valuable remedy will be found on sala yall leading druggiats. Eaoh drugglst has on fllesworn testimonlalsotthewouderíulouxw produced by this Elixir, aud the proprietors confldently reler all in need oí lt to them. The Germán Hospital .Remedy Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.9 For Sale by al Druggists. C. EEERBACH & SONS, Agents.


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