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P. Fleming has a sick cow. Mrs. H. Hall is entertaining her son and wife. J. W. Barley has been at Chicago the past week. Fred Nordman, jr., is quite sick at this writing. Chas. Martin has returned from the White City. James Harris, of Marión, visited here on Monday. Miss Nellie Sloan spent the past week in Chicago. Miss C. Carpenter visited in Pinckney, Friday. Miss M. Sackett and brother are with Milan friends. E. Mains and wife, of Detroit, are visiting his mother. Miss Mabel Moon has returned to her home in Texas. J. Howard and A. Straith we re in Pinckney, Tuesday. W. Chamberlain entertained his friend over Sunday. Miss Theresa Pidd is attending school in the village. T. Fagan made us a pleasant cali the first of the week. Mrs. James Story entertained her friend the past week. N. Reid has been entertaining his cousins for a few days. Mrs. S. W. Dexter has returned from her visit at Alma. VV. Warren, of Colorado, visited his old home last week. Mrs. John Pidd is entertaining her father for a few days. D. Sackett and wife have been viewing the World's Fair. Mrs. Robbins, of Ypsilanti, was here the first of the week. Wm. Ballon and wife have returned home from Wayne. Frank Pratt has opened a jewelry store in the Beal building. Miss Vida Blake, of Pettysville, spent Sunday in this place. Mr. and Mrs. O. Nordman entertained friends over Sunday. Gene Sly spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Scio. H. Pratt and A. Warren spent the )ast week at the White City. Mr. Spoor made a business trip o Detroit one day last week. Mr. Jackson, of Pinckney, was ïere on business last Monday. Mrs. White, of Centerville, was the guest of her son last week. W. Ballon and E. Campbell have iurchased fine carriage horses. L. Lañe has returned home, after a two weeks' stay at Charlotte. Mrs. Kimball is spending a few weeks with friends in Romulus. Mr. and Mrs. H. Schieferstein visited near Chelsea last Sunday. Mr. Savey and family have been entertaining friends from Detroit. W. Whitlark and F. Hause, of Pettysville, called here, Tuesday. Mr. H. Smith visited his daughter several days of the past week. Frank Sharpey, of Otter Lake, is spending a few days at his old home. Misses Minnie Green and Edith Warren have been at the White City. Mrs. Armstrong and grandson, of Podunk, visited her sister, Friday. Miss Blanche Moran, of Pinckney, visited her cousins last week. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McComb spent Sunday with Webster friends. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parsons and son, of Webster, spent Sunday here. - Mr. Barton and family, of Pinckney, spent Wednesday in this place. James Gallagher made a flying trip to Ann Arbor on Thursday last. Miss Gertie Carpenter is the guest of her uncle and family in Ann Arbor. Mrs. P. Lavey and daughter visited her brother in Putnam, Thursdav. The ladies of the Baptist church met with Mrs. I,. Clark, Wednesday. Mrs. George Connors and friend were Pinckney visitors on Wednesday. Mrs. W. Hooker and daughter Maud, of Pettysville, spent Sunday here. Mr. R. Webb, of North Lake, spent Monday with his many friends here. The Misses Vincent, of Ann Arbor, spent Satiirday and Sunday Vip re. H. Pearce has opened the fall term of school in the Arnold nistrict. J. C. Wilson, of Ann Arbor callecl on friends the first of the week. Mrs. John Ledwedge spent Monday with her sister End family in Marión. Mr. and Mrs. John Pratt, sr., are entertaining their daughter from Detroit. A number from Ann Arbor, Sa line and Whitmore Lake attended the Good Templars' meeting in the village last Saturday. Mrs. Wrn. Cobb, sr., is spending a few weeks with her daughters in Jackson. G. Reason and family, of Pinckney, called on friends the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins entertained their cousins from Ypsilanti last week. Miss Shauffle and friend spent several days of the past week with her sister. Wm. Voorhis and wife, after ten years' absence, have returned to this place. , Mr. Valentine, of Hamburg, spent Tuesday with his many friends in this place. Miss Kate McCabe is entertaining her friend from Ann Arbor for a few days. Messrs. F. Andrews and J. Stoll, of Ann Arbor, spent Sunday with their parents. A. Taylor and daughtej, Miss Mary, spe'nt Sunday with friends at Whitmore Lake. The Misses Stoup, of Ypsilanti, were called here to attend the funeral of their niece. Miss M. Baird has returned to ler home in Detroit, after several days' stay with friends. Mr. and Mrs. D. Hoey were called to Lyndon to attend her sis;er's funeral, Wednesday. Mrs. R. Erwin and daughter, Miss Carrie, returned Saturday after a month's stay in Canada. The Hudson Pulp Company are repairing the dam at Hudson, and making other improvements. Miss Sarah Ledwedge returned ïome, Monday, after several weeks' stay with her cousins at Howell. Mrs. H. Gregory and Mrs. E. Alley were elected trustees to fill vacancies in the village cemetery. Burglars entered Sill & Quish's ïardware store last Friday nighf, aking fifty dollars' worth of goods. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Robins died suddenly last Tuesday. The burial took place at Ypsilanti. Frank Wheelqr and family, of lamburg, are living at Birkett. Mr. Vheeler will teach the winter term of school in district No. 3.


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