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The resiernation of Rev S. L. Smith as pastor of theKomeoCongvegational charoh ha been aceepted. The citizens of Greenville will take steps to secure the state home for the feeble minded for tbat city. The two milis of the Thayer Lumber company at Muskegon have started up again, aïter an idleness of several weeks. The harvest of the grape erop in the Ticinity of Paw Paw was begun this week. The erop is the largest ever known in that section. Dan Bannatyne got an arm and leg filled with buckshot by the acidental discharge of bis gun while on Black river M. M. Lock of St. Johns while out huntine shot himself through the right arm. All of the máseles on the under side of the arm were shot aivav. Saturday, Sept. 9. A reduction bas been mde in the wages of the ThunderBayRiverBoom conipany's employés. The handle factory at Mancelona is running 11 hours a day to catch up with its orders. The annual reunión of the Second Michigan infantry will be held at Hillsdale Sept. 28. Ladies of the Maccabees have orcanized at Petersburg with a charter mernbershin of 35. At a picnic on the lake shore at Monroe therewere 16 persons between 70 and 8Ü years of age. The school census just finished gives Holland 1 815 school children. The population of the city is 5,458. Monday, Sept. 11. The potato erop in Manistee connty will be very light this year on account of the drought. i The plum erop is now being harvested in Ogemaw county. It will not be as large as usual. The bees arqund Waterford are dying of some mysterious disease, leaving their hives full of honey. Big Rapids will forward to the postmaster general a big petition for free mail delivery in that city. Twenty Ionia sportsmen have formed a Bhooting club, procured a trap and 1,000 bluerocks, and commenced practice. A remarkably mean tliief broke into the Baptist church at Bear Lake and stole the birthday box, containing between $4 and $5. Although a number of new houses have been built in Fenton this year, there is at present not a single vacant one in the vilIage. Tue6day, Sept. 12. Mrs. W. MeCollum, a resident of Fenton slnce 1836, and one of the charter members of the Methodist Episcopal church at that place, died, aged 83 years. The farm house and contents belonging to Edward King, a well-to-do farmer residing three miles south of Ypsilanti, was burned to the ground. Loss, ,000; partially insured. A Franklin farmer has caught and deBtroyed 10 bushels of grasshoppers which were ravaging his celery. He drove them into a large sheetiron pan that contained a bit of coal tar. The pets were buried. Charles Humphrey of the Adrián canning works, feil down stairs at the factory and was removed to his house. Two ribs are broken and he is suffering internal pain denoting internal injuries. Workmen struck a vein of gas in Ogden the other day when boring for water, after reaching a depth of 121 feet. The gas shot forth with much vigor and burned furiouslv for some time. No water has been found thus far. Wednesday, Sept. 13.; A jury has not yet been secured in the Foglesong murder case at Hillsdale. The original panel has been exhausted. At Dundee the thief who stole D. Bird's watch from his vest pocket has returned ít. He hung it on Bird's gate. Thé flre commissioners of Bay City have reinstated T. K. Harding as chief of the fire department, after reducing his salary to $300 a year. A California horned toad that was lost at Charlotte about four years ago has been found within 15 rods of the place where it got away. Jason Hememvay of Deerfleld, aged 83, who always insisted that he would live to be 100, is dead. When he settled there there was but one frame house in tovrn. The lBth annual exhibition of the Lenawee County Agricultural society and Southern Michigan district fair is schedTlled for Sept. 25 to 29 inclusive. Tliursday, Sept. 14. Walter Lee of Coopersville, aged 21 years, shot himself to death without known cause. A heavy rain feil at Grand Haven ednesday night, breaking the long drouth. Burglars robbed E. K. Childs, a pensioner, of -Vlilford, of his trousers and $15 in cash. The warehouses of Loomis D. Babcock and Shirt Brother at Shelby have been destroyed by lire. Loss, $3,000. At Lansing the flags on the capítol were ordered displayed at half-mast W ednesday out of respect to the memory of the late exLieutenant Governor Grosby. At Holland the contract for the new city electric Jight plant for both street and commercial purposes has been awarded to the Commercial Klectric company of Detroit at 12,000. Forest fire.s at SuIIivan have destroyed 1,200 cords of shipping wood and much valuable timber. VS'elcome rain feil Wednesday night, breaking the greatest drouth ever known in this locality.


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