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Wheat- No. 2 red. 68o; October, 68cDecember, 72c; May, 79; No. 8 red, 66c; No. 1 white, 67c. Corn - No. 2, 44Vc Oats- No. 2 white. 31Kc Chicago 1'rovlRion. Wheat- September, j8X@SS%c: October, 68%@69c; December, 72%g72íc. CoRN--September, 42c; October, 42KcDecember, 42Kc. Oats- September, 29%c; October, 26KcDecember, 28c. Pork - September, f 16 37'; October, Lard- September, $8 50; October, $8 32V Ribs- September, 110; October, $8 45. Chicago Uvestock. Cattle- Receipts, 19,000; steady. Hogs - Receipts, 27,000; strong; heavy 15 50@G 20;mixeUandmedium,$5 60a6 30light, 35 85@6 40. Sheep- Receipts, 14,000; strong. New York Grain. Whkat- September, 73%@74Lc; Octo3er, 74X574%c; December, 78@78 l-16c; May, 85@85ác. Corn- Xo. 2 dull, easier; October, 49V0 ♦9%c; November, 48Kc; No. 2, 50Cd5l}4c; December, 50X@51ác; May, 52%@52%c. OATS- No. adull, weak; state, 37@37Kc; May, 37Xc; western, 34@40c. Toledo. Wheat- Cash and September, 68c; October, 68c; December, 72c: May, 79c Corn- No. 3 cash, 43c. Oats- Cash, 28Lc. Cloverseed- Cash, Í5 55; October, IS 80December, $5 80; January, $5 85.


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