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Horrible Murder

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Detroit, Sept. 14.- A murder, which for brutal features has never been excelled in the armals of crime, was cominitted sorae time Tuesday nigbt at the doek, foot of Bandolph street, and the body of a sailor, supposed to be George Lavender, whose head and face are hacked and marred beyond recognition. lies at a morgue. Early Wednesday morning Edward McLeod, a colored man employed at Hurley's coal doek, made the ghastly find. Croul's doek is located at the east side of the foot of Randolph street. The doek at present is covered with piles of block stone. Two tiers ascend to a distance of probably 20 feet and ' between these is a lower pile rising half thfi hfiierht. Ön the top block of the middle pile is where the body was found. Lavender, who was dressed in the garb of a sailor, was lying on his side on the stone, his battered head resting on a cordwood stick, which gave the impression that he may possibly have sought shelter from the rain in this out of the way place and iinprovised the piece of wood as a pillow. Although" it had rained hard during the night, the traces of the bloody crime were everywhere. A big pool of blood lay near the head, and the surrounding stones were spattered freely with blood stains. Pieces of clotted hair adhered to one block of stone, as if the unfortunate's head had been jammed against it to make his death doubly sure. The" murderer left no clew as to the weapons used, the only articles found near the remains being broken pieces of bottles and two sacks labeled j vonia Salt and Mining company. It is ! probable, that the murderer intended to ! place the body in a sack, dump it into ! the river and thus make the mystery deeper than ever. A search revealed nothing to identify tüe rnan. ihe rear section of nis trousers had been cut as with a knife and the pockets were also cut out. The theory is that the sailor was murdered on the doek and the body hidden in the place where it was found. Iu fact, it looks as if the viotim had crawled in there to sleep off the effect of a dronk, and that the murderer struek the blow as he lay asleep.


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