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IN THESE SPECIAL SALES. YOU WILL ADMIT THAT WHEN YOU NOTE OUR ÜFFERING FOR NEXT Friday and Saturday, SEPTEMBER 15th and 16th. 2,000 Yds. Cocheco, New Style Fall Prints, valué m 7c everywhere. Our price for two days . . OL 20 dozen, All Linen Fine Huck Towels, size f%f% 26 ty 44 inches. Value 35c. Our price for 2 days tiUL Or $2.65 per dozen. Only 2o doz. sold at tliis prica. EACH. 10 dozen Linen Glass Doylies, . Ort fíílll Or 35c per dozen. Usually retailed at 65c per dozen. %dfJ B- H Lll I Choice of Any Moquette or Smyrna Ru in p (_ Our Store at a Discount, . . . . -IV b" Kid Gloves Given Away. An almost endless variety of New Dress Goods fresh from Paris and Berlín and from the loores of our American Manufacturera have been PLACED ON SALE THIS WEEK AT PRICES FAR BELOW Detroit and Chicago terms on similar goods. To induce our customers to make their purchases earlyr we will on Friday and Saturday GIVE EVERY CASH PURCHASER of a dress amounting to $4.00 or over a handsonie pair of KID GLOVES, value from Si. 00 to $1.50, according to price of dress. 2O li&jStJÏHT STEEET.


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