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Proceedings Of The Board Of Public Works

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[OFPICIAL.I OFFICE Ot THE ÜOAKD OF PUBLIC WORKS I Ann Aj-üor, Sfcpt. 7, leKi. f Special session. Calied to order by Fres. Keecli. Koll calied. Full Board present. On motion the bids for hard burnt brick were opened and iuspected. The bids were found to be as follows: Ann Arbor J3rick Coinpany, $6.25 per thousaud f. o. b. cars at Ann Arbor. A. Waguer & Son, Dearborn, Mich., on board the cars at Dearborn at $4.75 per thousand. Wm. Slayton, Dundee, Mich., $5.00 per thousand f. o. b. at Ann Arbor. The Findlay Hydraulic Press Brick Company, Toledo, O., $6.30 per thousand f. o. b. cars at Ann Arbor. Mr. Keech moved that the respective bids for hard burnt bricks be transmitted to the Council with reconimendation that the bid ot the Ann Ann Arbor Brick Company, at the Slim of $6.25 per thousand brick, f. o. b. cars at Ann Arbor, be accepted. Adopted as followe: Yeas- Messrs. Keech, Schuh and Mclntyre . The sewer cornmittee of the Council being present, the matter of purchasing 600 feet of 24 inch cast iron pipe was discussed at length, and it was the sense of the meeting that iron pipe must be used where the sewer runs along the river, and where it is liable to be exposed to the frost. Mr. Keech moved that it is the sense of this meeting that iron pipe should be used in the construction of the main sewer; that the matter be left with Mr. Schuh and the Engineer, to purchase such iron pipes as are wanted in the said construction of the main sewer. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Messrs. Keech, Schuh and Mclntyre. On motion the Board adjourned. Clerk.


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