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IS YOUR BLOOD I'MPURS? Ara you sufferlng from any Kidney or Female Complaint? Havo you a Cotigh, Gold or any disease of Throat, Chest or Lungs ? is your Liver performing lts functions properly? If you have any of these compiaints t wlll certamly pay you to try the medicines mentioned bslow, which are vvarranted. A REMARKABLE CURE. r . r , ... messes. foley & o., cMcaco. lImic Lmrsapanlla Gentlemen : -I liad a scrotulous taint of thc blood from childhood. An ulcer bagan on toe nn..,.rf.,i Rinnrt sideof thenose, having all the appearances of a 1 he ITlOSt pOweriUl DIOOa most malignant cáncer, became aboiit the Bize ot r, a silTer dollar and ezuded a tliin, olleusive leanser. ter. The agony of mind I sufiered cannot be described asi contempla tsd the progress oL the ï was'induced to try the CHnio Sarsaparilla ; ' i&8&? &LL&%L UseClinic Kidney Cure in the bottom and edges of the sore seemed to loosen and the natural flesh to take its place. Thus the cure continuad un til an even surface WaiTailted ÍOr all KldneV remained. No part of the disease témalos. Mks. -h. b. adams, Complamts. 1609 Wabash Ave., ( hioago. r SUFFERED 27 YEARS. Mr. G. A. Stillson, a merchnnt of Tampico, 111., _, writes, August lOth, 1KU: l-iInr'i! H rtnoir ind I 211 messhs. foLeï & co. noley s I loney anu iir Gentlemen : - Your Kidney Cure ie meeting with wonderful success. It has cured some CoU9"h SvTUO cases hero that pliysicians prouounced incurvuus" jf able. I, myself, am ablo to tostify to its ments. . , My face to-day ú a living picture of bealth, and w rran+erl the Best your Kidney Cnve has made it such. I had sufwarrdlHCU LUC dcöi. fered twenty-f oven years witli the disease. and to-day I feel ten yoars yunger thauldidone . year ago. I can obtain some wondoilulcertmcates of its medical qualitieG. T. what a phísician SAYS. poley's haüiily Pilis V"new, Ottawa Co., Jlieh., Feb. íi, 1S93. ■ffiá&ffivndrixao-aH-, For Constipation, Headt Sío mon1?! halL-ho ache and Biliousness. of Pneümonia, inalloï wbichl have used yoar Does not 2ripe. Honcyandïnrv.-ith "; ■ ;tCTBtifyinir ?acecss. u "UL 6' H5ACOEPV KO 3UBSTTYE POR THESE SPLENDID MEDICINES. Tiiess mediclnoa are toe sa!a by tho foliowlng fipst-class firms who aro Büth?rïid to re ;-.=r.-.: . :' ■ " c-idranto i.i. Bassett & Jlason, Ann Arbor, Lynch & Co.,Mancbester, Kobert H. KiJlian, YpsUanti, AVill Curlett, Dexter, 8. D. Cbapin, Salem, C. F. Unterkirclier Salme, F. W. Sclioeu, Manchester, M. S. Davenport, York, J. W. Abbott, Whittaker, D. W. Cook, F Uit on, H. W. Ballard, Willis, Dodge & Son, Whitmore Lake. G. C. Frye & Co., Emery, J. T. Beny, Worden.


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