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Rev. Dr. M. W. Hamma, in the Lutheran Observer, says: While at Chicago we took occasion to run over and visit our new mission at Ann Arbor, Mich. It is under the support of the Woman's Executive Committee, and bids fair to become one of their most encouraging points. Rev. V. L. Tedrow, the pastor, has organized vvith unusually promising material, and both he and his people are most enthusiastic over the out-look of the church. After spending a number of days in their midst, mingling with the members, and looking vvith some care into the field, we could see the best of reasons for their encouragement. The material for an English Lutheran church for the future is certainly there, and is above the average in quality, and unless indications are utterly delusive, a splendid success will be realized in Ann Arbor. The great State University is located here, in which there is ahvays a large number of Lutheran students, who will furnish a strong working force for the Sunday-school and church. And while it is true that this element, in its personnel, is somewhat migratory, the element still remains. As the old students go, new ones come, and the working ■forcé continúes undiminished. As we were there in vacation time, we saw only the permanent membership of the church, and our judgment of the outlook was based upon that. Rev. W. L. Tedrow is showing himself a wise, capable and most popular missionary. The lot secured is well located, and is of sufficient size for both church and parsonage. A good dweiling house is upon it, and when turned to fate the other street will leave ground enough upon the corner for a most ampie church edifice. A great bargain has been secured in the purchase, and it is hoped the Church Extensión Board will by a timely loan enable the congregation to hold the property. Let all hands join and make Ann Arbor a quick and grand success. The distinguished tragedian, Mr. Thomas W. Keene, suported by a carefully selectcd compaiiy, will be the next attraction at the Grand Opera House, nextTuesday evening, on which occasion will be given Mr. Keene's excellent characterization of Shakespeare's tragedy Otliello. Mr. Keene deserves snccess by right of his long nppreuticeship, his gradual advanceuiciit, his endless dramatic acnievemeuts and most intense, brilliant talent. He i9 our solé tragedy representativo. He is American and great. We will be glad to see him flash his armor uiider the "Ich dien" banners for many years to come. Mr. Keene is supported by the following well known players: Edwin Arden, Frank Hennig, Cari Ahrendt, R. T. Haines, T. E, Eagleson, Edwin Mackay, LawrenceLowell, R. Mortimer, Jno. E. Milton, Herbert Merritt, J. J. Cummings, Jas. Lonergan, Chas. Sands, C. W. Vanee, Miss Emma Vaders, Miss Henrietta Vaders, Mrs. S. A. Baker, Miss Maude Dudley and Miss Hazel Regan.


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