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The late Crawford peaches thi year are very fine indeed. A tile floor is being laid in th amphitheatre of the University hospital. The Argus has to thank Prof Emil Baur for some elegant Brighton grapes. A hundred and twenty excursiónists to the World's Fair left the city Tuesday. Rev. Fr. Kelly had two very large congregations last Sunday at 8 and 10:30 a. m. The St. Thomas parochial school occupies six rooms and all the rooms are crowded. E. T. McClure, of the Cook House, has leased a hotel in Racine for ten years. It looks as if the enrollment of the high school would be equal to that of last year. A flowing well has been struck on the premises of John Kress at the depth of ioo feet. A leading minister of the M. E. hurch will occupy the Methodist ulpit next Sunday. The last county teachers' examination for this year will be held in Ypsilanti next Friday. Goodyear & Co. have secured the contract for furnishing the hospitals with drugs and surgical instruments. A large number of applications have been made for instruction in the St. Thomas Conservatory of Music. The fire department was called out last Saturday by a chimney fire in the Duffy block. No damage was done. The Young People's Society of the Presbyterian church give a reception to the high school students this evening. O. G. LaRue, one of the oldest Ypsilanti citizens, died Wednesday, aged 82 years. He had been in Ypsilanti thirty-five years. One of the couples married in this county this week have each been married twice before. Marriage does not seem to be a failure with them. A unanimous request has been sent in by the M. E. church, of this city, to the conference that Rev. Camden M. Cobern be returned here next year. Rev. Mr. Cobern delivered the last' sermon of the Union meeting series in the Congregational church, Sunday evening, which was a most excellent effort. Miss Lizzie Bailey, daughter of John N. Bailey, the former owner of the Argus, was married in Detroit, September 13, to Mr. Frank Rane, of Whitmore Lake. This week the widows have had their innings in the marriage license department of the county clerk's office. Licenses for the marriage of three have been taken out. The Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the Congregational church lolds its annual meeting this afternoon at three o'clock at the residence of Mrs. James B. Angell. The Washtenaw Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company will have an assessment of 10 cents on a $100 this year. It has paid 29 losses, aggregating $4,558.36 during the past year. The wind blew a lace curtain against a gas jet in Mayor Thompson's house last Friday evening, which called out the fire department who extinguished the fire with their chemicals. The bursting of a water pipe on the corner of Main and Ann streets, Sunday night, made a good sized geyser, which flooded the street, washed out the crossing and filled Edward Duffy's cellar. John H. Shadford, the bookkeeper for the Ann Arbor Street Railway, was married Wednesday evening to Miss Edith Weatherwax. The Argus extends its best wishes to one of the most deserving couples mated in the city. The salary of Dr. Louis P. Hall in the dental department has been increased $300. Dr. Breakey's salary has been increased $300 and Prof. F. M. Taylor, professor of political economy, has been granted an increase of #400 in salary. The hours for the School District Library are now: 8:30 to 12:30 (every school day) and 3 to 4 every afternoon, with an additional hour on Wednesdays - 3 to 5 that afternoon - and will continue till further notice. John Stacklwitz, a laborer on the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti motor line, while crossing the track of the Ypsilanti branch of the Lake Shore on a hand car, was struck by a passenger train, and one of his legs badly injured. At the Methodist" conference in session in Detroit this week, Rev. C. M. Cobern was made a member of the committee on conference reations and Rev. A. F. Bourns a member of the committee on con'erence claimants. Mrs. Eliza R. Sunderland read a )aper on "The Value of a Study of Domparative Religion" at the World's Congress of Religion, in Chicago, last Friday, and was greeted with applause. Her paper created quite a furore. John Cairns, who returned last week from a ninety-days' sojourn in the Detroit House of Correction, for beating his wife, to find that she had commenced divorce proceedings, sought to drown his sorrows in drink. He is, in consequence, serving a twenty-days' sentence in the jail. The next civil service examination for clerk and carriers in the Ann Arbor post office will be held in this ity, October 7, at 9. a. m. Appliations for examination must be landed in to Ed. I. Taylor, secreary, at the postoffice, before Sepember 28, who will rurnish blanks nd information. At the meeting of the regents, Wednesday, Dr. Maurick P. Hunt, f Delaware, Ohio, was appointed jrofessor of gynaecology and obstetrics in the homeopathie department, n the place of Dr. Wood, and Dr. E. R. Eggleston, of Cleveland, Ohio, rofessor of the theory and practice f medicine in the place of Dr. Gatchell. The Ann Arbor Art Club will meet in their new rooms in the Mapnic Temple for organization on Monday, October 2nd, at 3 p. m. Vith enlarged facilities it will not )e necessary to limit membership, s heretofore, and it is hoped that 11 those who desire to join such a lub will consult Mrs. Zina P. King r Mrs. M. Louise Walker, or, beter still, attend the organization ïeeting. Mrs. W. S. Perry, President. Michael O'Brien died Tuesday at his home in Northfield, of general debility, consequent upon old age. He was born in Cork, Ireland, ighty-seven years ago and came to he United States in 1835. Two ears later he came to Michigan. ie served in the Mexican war and after its conclusión he bought the farm in Northfield on which he lived until his death. He was twice married and leaves a wife and eight children: Morman, of San Francisco; ohn, Ellen, James, Margaret, Daid, Francis and Mary. The funerl services were held yesterday in t. Patrick's church, Northfield. The Misses East, of 44 East fniversity avenue, have returned nd are ready to fill orders for fancy jaking and cooking. Walter C. Mack is now in New York purchasing goods for "The tore" and great results may be ancipated. There has never been a me when ready cash comrnanded ie premium it does at the present me. Stringent times have caused many New York dealers to make reat sacrifices, and Mr. Mack in onsequence is buying an enormous tock of Dress Goods, Trimmings, Dloaks, &c, ats price that will wake p the country. Look for someïing startling in Dry Goods.