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No quail can be killed this year. Four car loads of sewer pipe are on hand. The Michigan Furniture connany started up Monday. The Good Templar lodge gave a social last evening. The Sons of Veterans meet at their hall this evening. There are now over two thousand students in the city. Mrs. Lucy A. McOmber has been granted a widow's pension. , The Chequamegon orchestra organized for the year, last evening. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCormick have moved into 13 Geddes Avenue. The board of supervisors will convene at eleven o'clock next Monday. Business in Ann Arbor has improved very materially during the past week. The only fair in this county this year will be at Chelsea, October 11, 12 and 13. The last Evening News excursión to the World's Fair took 126 Ann Arbor people. The annual meeting of the Bethlehem church will be held next Tuesday evening. The Hand murder trial will probably be commenced in the circuit court next Monday. Martha Louis?, the infant daughter of George Mast, of Beakes street, died Monday. John Ryan has moved the house he purchased of Sellick Wood on his lot on Beakes street. The shoe stores will be opened after this week on ïuesday, ïhursday and Saturday evenings. The day express last Friday evening brought 120 trunks and the owners thereof to this city. Walter S. Hicks has exchanged his residence on W. Iluron street for the Lake Mills in Jackson. The Central baggagemen handled 2,620 pieces of baggage in the week ending Tuesday evening. The Tuesday club will meet in the jadíes' Library next Tuesday afteroon at half-past two o'clock. Mrs. Catherine Loeffler, of Dexter, ias purchased the store on State street ccupied by Bassett & Mason. Titus F. Hutzel is now superintendnt of the waterworks, and a very effiïent superintendent he will make. Vedder Shankland, the new keeper f the county house, entered upon the erformance of his duties, Saturday. On September 29, 1914, the little son f Adolph Neithammer, of West Huon street, will be entitled to a vote. There are eight or ten miles of sidewalk to be built in this city vet, which ïave been ordered built by the coun11. The Ann Arbor branch of the Mt. Vernon Association meets in Harris [all, tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 'clock. Charles Schleede, son of William chleede of this city, was robbed of $965 at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, last week. Dr. D. A. MacLachlan read a paper this week before the New Yoik State Medical Society, at Eochester. N. Y., on Indo-Charoiditis. The council committee on furnishing the city offices think that they will use not to exceed $900 of the $1,500 appropriated for that purpose. The Ladies' Library association wil give the people of Ann Albor a chance o see the Midway Plaisance on the awn of Mrs. J. E. Beal, October 19 and 20. Miss Louise Fischer and John Schaible were married yesterday at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Hrs. Mathias Fischer, 55 West Jefferson street. The stock of carriages, etc, of A. P Ferguson was bid in, Saturday, by David Underwood, the holder of the second mortgage. The iactory wil probably start up next week. A baby show was held in the A. M E. church, Friday evêning, and provee very interesting. The tirst piize wen to Gerald, sou of Jidward Hinch, wh is six and a half months old and weigh 23 pounds. The second prize went t the smallest baby exhibited, the te months old son of Edward Miller. Mayor Thompson will deliver the ddress at the Young People's Vesper ervices in St. Andrew's clmrch, Sunay eveniDg. Mrs. E. A. Rathbone has purehased he Henry W. Rogers homestead, the michase price being in the neighboríood oL $15,000. This is exclusive oí' ne lot which sold for $1,250. No services will be held in Zion hurch next Sunday, as the pastor and number of the mernbers will attend ie dedication of the Female Teachrs' Seminary at Woodville, Ohio The flrst meeting of the new teachrs' association of the county was held ïere last Saturday. Several 'papers were read by the teachers and a genral and interestiug discussion was eld. llushton Clark, of Green Oak, has elivered bis aunual supply of frogs o the Uuiversity hospitals. He brought hem in Monday, thirty dozeu of them, o lay down their lives for scientific urposes. Mrs. William Beurle, of Freedom, died last Sunday, of cáncer, aged fifty ears. The funeral services were held n Bethel church, Tuesday, and it was ne of the most largely attended fuerais held in years. During the past month O. M. Martin ïas attsnded nine funerala of the pioeers, wbose age aggregated 740 years, n average of over b' years each. The Vashteuaw county atmosphere seems onducive to longevity. It is now Captain Sid W. Millard gain. Company A elected Major or Great Sergeant Millard their captain ast Wednesday evening to succeed Captain Hiscock, resigned. Titles are ometimes heaped up on one individal. Mrs. William Burke died at her residence on Packard street, Sunday morning, from paralysis, aged üfty-three ears and eighc months, leaving a husband and seven children surviving. 'he funeral services were' held Tuesay afternoon. The Harris Hall endowment has reeived another liberal addition to its endowment fund. Rev. Mr. Tatlock s in receipt of a letter from a gentleman, offering to dónate $10,000 to the endowment fund of the Hall. His name is not yet given to the public. Charles Burg has returned from the Cherokee strip, perfectly cured of that ort of homesteading, and says that while there are a few pieces of good ground, nearly all is reds and. Thousands are getting out of the territory as rapidly as possiblfi to keep from starving. Many of them who thought themselves nicely located found themselves on land reserved by the government :or school lands.