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Surrounded By Mystery!

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A Great Mistake. A recent discovery 1s that headache, dlzziness, dullness, confusión of the mind, etc., are due to derangement of the nerve centers which supply the brain with nerve forcé; that indigestión, dyspepsia, neuralgia, wind In atomach, etc., arise from the derangement of the nerve centers supply ing these organs with nerve fluid or forcé. Thisis llkewlse true of mauy dlseases of the heartand lungs. The nerve systemislike a telegraph system, as will be seen by the accompanying cut. The little gSfe. white Unes are ,4 the nerves wnich JB BB for:: e from the BP nerve centers to dBtJt. íers for the cause tffmavB student of nervous dlseases, and author of many noted treatises on the latter subject, long slnce realized the truth of the flrst statement, and nis Bestorative Nervino Is prepared on that principie. lts success in curing all diseases arising from derangement of the nervous system is wonde rful, as the thousands of unsolicited testimoniáis in possession of the company manufacturing tfie remedy amply prove. Dr. Miles' Kestorative Nervineisarellable remedy for all nervous dlseases, such as headache, nervous debility, prostration, sleeplessness, dizziness hysteria, sexual debility, St. Vltus dance, epilepsy, etc. It is sold by all druggists on a positivo guarantee, or sent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind., on recelptof price, $1 per tottle, six bottles for $5, express prepaid. Restoratlve Nervine positívely contains no opiates ordangerous drugs. Sold by Druggists Everywhere.


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